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I had a brand new Titan 54" ( the better model), expect: jerky drive system, go through drive belts every 18 hours, horrible traction with the tires that are on it ( you will tear up the lawn no matter how slow you turn), hit a stump and that timecutter deck is trash and you will have to throw the whole mower out, horrible ground speed, if the ground is not completley flat you will just slide, parts are not commonly stocked by the dealers so WHEN it breaks you will probably have to wait for parts. If you get it at a box store you have no dealer support, you need dealer support. I would either buy a good walk behind or a commercial used Z, you can probably get one with about 800-1000 hours on it for like $3000. That commercial Z with 1000 hours on it will last you longer than the timecutter with 0 hours. Good luck
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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