Toro Timecutter Z380

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Budget Lawn Care, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Budget Lawn Care

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    This is a homeowner zero turn machine, but I am wondering if it is possible to put 1,500 hours on one of these. Toro makes good equipment from what I have heard, and my budget is minimal. I have been doing postage stamp sized residential lawns and using Lawnboy commerials (21" push), but am getting a few apartment complexes, small commercial properties and need to have something to become more competitive. Has anybody ever heard of this unit being used to get a couple of commercial years out of it, keeping in mind that our growing season here in Canada is from mid May to mid oct. These things retail for $3,300 here in Canada and nothing that I know of even comes close in ease of use for this price. Perhaps you have some suggestions for me....
  2. lafrance4078

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    Toro does make a good machine, but then again... so does everyone else, for the most part. However, I would spend money on a good used machine that is built for commercial use. I understand where you are coming from money wise. We are only in our third year of business, and still having to buy equipment to handle our accounts. Again, buy COMMERCIAL. I paid $3,000 for our 2004 Great Dane Super Surfer 52" w/17hp Kawi. Great mower. It was used w/ 40 hours on it. It was a great eBay Purchase. Just keep looking. I think that most everyone on here is going to tell you to stay away from anything that is not commercial.
  3. Budget Lawn Care

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    The problem I am having is that I need something on the small side as well and most commercial equipment starts at around 48". This just doesn't work for the jobs that I have. Commercial is the way to go, but I'm hoping that if I maintain it well I can get 2 partial seasons out of it. I just can't pay any more than about $3500 Canadian for a new mower at this point.
  4. Mowingman

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    In commercial use, you will probably get no more than 500 HRs out of that machine. I think that is about what the rated life of the hydro. transmissions is on those machines. Remember, they are designed to mow maybe 1, or 2 hours/week, at the most.
  5. mcwlandscaping

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    NO, don't buy it, don't even think about it anymore!!lol, go get a nice Zmaster or any other piece of commercial equipment, you could probably put more commercial hours on a stihl trimmer than that timecutter, well, that may be a bit extreme, but anyway, i wouldn't do it, just a waste of money IMO,

    Welcom to LS!!
  6. ToroLandscaper

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    Get a NEW 36" Walkbehind or a used one with minimal hours on it...if i were you i would look into a hydro drive fixed deck (i dont recomend fixed deck...but you have a budget) I would say that you could get a used 36" Wb with a sulky for around 2500 that was in pretty decent shape...and you can put a TON of hours on them! JMO
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    a 2006 thread? wow. Anyways, I'm pushing 700 hours on my 2006 Z380. No problems. I just do all the book says to do as far as upkeep.

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