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    I heard a few people say good things on here about the timecutters. Its almost off season and I have a chance to steal a 09 at $700. How do these hold up for light use? I wouldnt use it on any yard bigger then 2 acres even then I would team it with a walkbehind.

    The deck looks flimsy to me. Can you switch to a bigger deck? The decks not that great looking and I would like a 54" or something close to that.
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    Sorry but :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

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    While your laughing my dixie would run laps around your toro.

    So you dont think a light duty machine could handle 5 hrs a week? I think it would increase productivity on my second truck. I have them using a 44" proline and a 36" exmark both wbs for residential yards. It takes maybe 8-10 hrs to finish the route. I use a 61" dixie on commercial lots. The 44" is really on its last stand. I didnt want to replace it with another wb or have my crew trashing a brand new machine either. I found a few others like woods and grasshoppers but they went to hell and back. I think I would spend more on repairs with them. When I could just junk the toro after next season.
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    sorry, my side hurts now.

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    It should last you just long enough to find a commercial unit.:usflag:
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    It is a great mower,nice ztr i used one a few times from a lco that i know they use theres on almost all there residential yards,since that is what accounts they do resi and its used a few commerical places like strip malls and banks they do have walk behinds and a stander.

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    from the guy that cant handle more then 5 acres.

    I might end up with a commercial ztr anyways. It just seemed like a steal. I had good luck with all my toro equipment. It really depends on what next year brings. Right now the wbs handle the yards there all small if its going to take them longer then a hour,ill do it with the bigger mower myself. I rather buy ztrs new then used. A kubota that could double as a loader would serve me better and thats definitely a option.

    Thats what I was told by a mechanic that runs a shop. He recommends them as a entry unit. I just dont know why someone would spend $3k on them new. When they can pick up a nice mower for another grand. I know a few landscapers on another forum that have been using them and like em a lot.
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    I have an 09. Its been a great lawnmower. All the yards i cut are somwhat small(80ft x 150, with a house on it). Its been a great mower. I'd try to get it for less than that though. I cut 37 yards a week with it. The deck is starting to wear out due to me hitting submerged roots, fence posts, etc. All in all, its been a great mower and when it does wear out, will more than likely get another one. $2500 brand new...hard to beat that. Glad i didn't take most advice on here. Have made a ton of money with it. Bigger, badder, faster isn't all its cracked up to be.

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    I think the guy sold it already. I was going to be in the area tomorrow and tried to get a hold of him with no luck. I since found a walker with the vac and dump thing on the back. Its been used a lot more and it cost more too but its a different beast altogether.
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    I wouldn't use one here. It's to hot for the engine to run all day with it's plastic cam gears. Secondly, the tires are way to small for lawns here. 3 gallon tank ouch that would suck. Only 4.5 cutting height.

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