Toro Timemaster 30" Just arrived today and it has the worst cut I've ever seen

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by indy_gt, May 11, 2012.

  1. Richard Martin

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    I wasn't trying to say he was full of it. What I posted is right in line with what he said. He said they were moving to Chinese manufacturing and the link I posted said that they were doing it right now.

    I prefer the Honda engine with a choke lever as opposed to the Briggs with a primer bulb. :)
  2. rmland

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    Got one of these about a month ago. as long as grass was dry and not too tall cut was fine. I thought it would be good for those tiny back gates. I was very careful and timed myself against my little commercial honda. The time saving was very small. I just can not figure out why this is so. I really did want this machine to save time but it just did not do it. Maybe the size and wieght and muscling it around was the problem. Just my experience. will stick wth honda
  3. Patriot Services

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    This mower doesn't even seem to be living up to homeowner expectations. Its too bad really. People will shell out 1100 bones they should get an awesome product that delivers.
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  4. smallstripesnc

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    I have to say that I wasn't impressed with it after all the issues. It does seem to cut well when the grass is dry and not cutting more than 1/3 the blade height.
  5. unit28

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    This thing has the worst cut I've ever seen. Its not even close to being an even cut.
    {and that was dry turf from post #1.}

    I think most homeowners who'll flip the coins for this mower will know when they get a nice QOC...or not.
  6. lawnworker

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    Really, I am surprised so many people thought this mower would be a good one. It is a stretched out self propelled light weight mower. It is not a commercial grade walk behind unit. A thousand bucks is way to much for this unit.

    A thousand is a good down payment on a 32" Exmark Metro- a real commercial mower that will cut well and hold up to years of mowing lawns.
  7. TuffWork

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    One trick I've learned is to turn up the RPMs a little bit and it makes a world of difference. The other trick with bagging taller grass is to let the chute clog up and mulch the whole thing then go back over it after you've cleared the chute. The mower goes so fast that it will actually save you time because you only have to pull one bag off the lawn instead of 10 with the average walk behind. I would rather mow twice than spend an hour walking back and forth to the dumpster.

    Also, sharpen those blades every day. We sharpen all our blades every day so it's not an issue, but for those of you who don't you will have to on this one.
  8. lawnworker

    lawnworker LawnSite Senior Member
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    One other thing, mulching cool season turf grass is next to impossible with any mower, when it is fertilized, damp, and lush. Maybe side discharging will be okay with this unit.
  9. OakNut

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    Side discharge?
    So it's a thousand dollar mower to cut trash properties and leave clippings all over?


    I'm only interested in a mulching mower - this one doesn't sound like it fits the bill. At all.
  10. ls3c6

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    Wow... I can't believe how hit or miss this mower is.

    I have about 9hrs on mine, blades untouched but RPM set to 3600. I have a "near perfect" lawn that I cut at 3" front and rear and haven't experienced ANY of these problems, however I have been cutting every 3 days or so.

    I will let it grow for a week and see what my results are, however it has been leaving a cut that looks commerical grade and much better than my 21" super recycler did, maybe the rpm does it I don't know...

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