Toro TimeMaster 30 vs Exmark Commercial 30 vs Toro Commercial 30 vs yBravo 25

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. stansoph

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    Tune the Briggs engine to 3600 with blades engaged. Put on TURFMASTER blades. Throw other blades on trash.

    With the Turfmaster blades and the engine tuned it makes a huge difference. With the blades engaged at 3600 the mower sounds like a big walk behind. Hearing protection strongly recommended. Seriously.

    This is about it for cut and power mods.
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  2. Platinum2

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    I talked to my dealer about switching to Turfmaster blades and Toro did not recommend with B&S engine.

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  3. Valk

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    Am curious what the RPMs are when set up by the dealer? Or, does it state the engine RPMs and FPM (feet per minute) blade tip speed somewhere? Bottom line, how much higher is 3600 RPMs over stock?
  4. Platinum2

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    Not sure. I think manufacturer's set RPM where blade tip speed us below legal maximum.

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  5. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    I checked to make sure that the drive cable was properly adjusted - it was. But my machine just won't pull itself up a hill. It works GREAT on flat and level lawns though. I called Toro and they said take it back to the dealer to have them inspect it. Except they're 3 weeks behind on work and have a sign up that says "no exceptions". The mower is 48 hours old and I can kick myself for not getting another Exmark.

    Has anyone else had problems climbing hills/inclines with their Timemaster?
  6. stansoph

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    I have 4 Timemasters, they all were around 3000-3100 rpms.

    Timemaster blades SUCK. The only difference between the com and ho units is the engine; as far as the blade mount, belt and pulley set up is concerned. I would switch without blinking an eye.

    Blade tip speed is a standard for product liability, safety and lawyers. It is a good thing save the lawyers.
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  7. SMH

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    FNG here (homeowner that just bought a new house with a yard too big for my craftsman 22").

    Just bought a timemaster. I had the dealer show me how to adjust the throttle, but forgot to ask where you read the RPMs. He said he had it set up for 3100-3200. Any insight? Thanks.
  8. Exact Rototilling

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    Last few day for mulching I switched back to the TimeMaster blades for "mulch mowing only".

    I think I actually prefer them. Just not for bagging.

    In another thread someone mentioned mulch specific blades for the TurfMaster....?

    There is speculation on my part that those just might be TimeMaster blades.

    Then again I keep hearing dealers say there is no difference between TurfMaster and TimeMaster blades.

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  9. lawnsaspire

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    Come on without Come on within, you've not seen nothing like the mighty Quinn!- For some reason I've had that song in my head this week.

    What a week it has been. I purchased the Timemaster on Monday. Here are the events that have transpired since and then I'll give my reasons for the Timemaster over the Turfmaster:

    Monday- I got to to test the Timemaster's durability and toughness in a unique way. After using it on a yard, in my haste I neglected to securely situate it on my trailer and it slid to far to the shoulder side and knocked an electrical truck's driver side mirror and broke it. Only a scratch on the Timemaster's handle, shattered glass and plastic for the mirror. Liability insurance is a good thing. Secure mower better, lessoned learned. Also, the Timemaster is not a frail wimp.

    Also on Monday, Timemaster dies in the middle of mowing a hill straight up and down.
    Mower starts up again after I finish trimming yard.

    Tuesday and Wednesday- mower takes two minutes for engine two gain full power upon 1st engagement of blades both mornings. Mower dies right in the middle of mowing several yards both days. Won't start again until being given a several minute break. Also, terrible fuel consumption. I call dealer and bring it to him on Wednesday evening. Dealer says he'll call me this morning.

    Thursday- Dealer keeps his word:clapping:, calls me this morning and says mower is fixed. Problem: wrong fuel filter:hammerhead:. Timemaster acts fine on several yards today and has normal fuel consumption.

    I was relieved it was something small, as I was starting to feel like this was the week from.... well you get the picture.

    Barring any other unseen mower weirdness or malfunctioning I am happy with my purchase and ultimately decided to go with the Timemaster, because I didn't see the need to shell out the extra $800 right now, when the commercial unit is reporting more problems than the Timemaster right now. My hope is that with good care, the engine will last a couple of years, and then the bugs with the commercial unit worked out, I will purchase said Turfmaster. This mower is the perfect size for 75% of my lawns.

    Two notes on the Timemaster, one that has not been discussed. Dealer made known that the Timemaster uses a different transmission operation than other personal pace mowers, on others the belt does most of the work, on the Timemaster, the transmission itself is being engaged more fully if I understood him correctly. I don't know if this is good or bad, but maybe it is great!

    Secondly, this dealer too was dumbfounded at the notion that the Turfmaster had a higher lift blade. When I picked up the mower this morning, he got out the commercial blades I had ordered and we set them on top of the homeowner unit's blade. We both could see that there clearly is more of a sail to co blade as pictured in an earlier post by exact on this thread. If your dealer argues with you on this point, encourage him to look up the parts # for both blades and he can put two and two together after that. My dealer seemed mystified that a little bit of lift would make that much of a difference and said "why didn't Toro just ship all the mowers with that blade?" I assured him that according to many on Lawnsite (which he knew nothing about), the little increased lift makes a lot of difference. This is a man who pledges his alegiance to Toro, and yet he got edumacted on it.

    Long live this thread! I won't have any info on the operation of the Turfmaster to the Timemaster unless I sell one of my other mowers.
  10. Exact Rototilling

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    This doesn't make any sense why a dealer would say this....? "Not Recommended".... WT? Why....?

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