Toro TimeMaster 30 vs Exmark Commercial 30 vs Toro Commercial 30 vs yBravo 25

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. sjessen

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    Exact, how is the Timemaster holding up? Am on the fence between a commercial unit and one the Timemaster.
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    Those Toro "upright storage" handles are awesome. I have no idea why all mowers are not like that. My life would be hell if I had to buy a different mower and had to figure out where to put it - it's honestly one reason I've avoided buying a commercial 21".
    If not for the handle storing upright, I'd need to jam the mower in sideways for it to fit, wasting trailer space, and adding time/effort to the loading/unloading process.


    Photo taken during trailer layout planning phase. Tie downs and anchor points not yet installed at the point pic was taken.
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    What Red Walk-Behind is that Oaknut?
  4. OakNut

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  5. Exact Rototilling

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    I will flat out say that the lighter weight of the homeowner model, fold-up handle and Personal Pace drive makes it a piece of cake to use.

    One of the wheels has a crack maybe more of them do near the axle but as of yet zero functional issues.

    Last year the carb had some hiccups and was sometimes a pita to start.... and sure enough it was out of warranty when I took it back. Dealer only soaked me $60 or so and found nothing.

    The power of the mower is adequate IMO. The real world power of the engine may in fact be equal to the commercial TurfMaster.

    The Briggs Pro series engine is cursed with a tiny gas tank just like my Lawn Solutions aerator has same engine but the carb on the aerator has a 3 position throttle.... kill-mid-high.

    ....anyhow my take on the TurfMaster vs TimeMaster is why on earth would I spend $1800 on a mower with only a niche capacity....?

    It can't mow in a down pour like the Ybravo yet has a nicer cut in ideal conditions. The cut quality is the same as the TurfMaster since the deck is the same. Only difference I can tell is the optional. mulch baffle. I flat out recommend getting the TurfMaster blades for use on the consumer TimeMaster 30.

    The foot print on soggy turf is less with my BOP Dually mowers than the ybravo25 or TimeMaster and even at reduced rpm (dually BOP) when mulching is still faster. My second pass is at full throttle and I jog run behind the BOP dually mowers on smaller tighter lawns. Cut quality is outstanding doing this following method. 1st pass reduced rpm then last pass full throttle.

    It's a tight looking cut with the Bop mowers and in all honesty I have zero intention of getting a Walker or some obese overweight WB or a ZTR from another manufacture that is going to rut up my lawns. Worse yet a Wright stander 32 rut fest or a Gravely 34 Pro stance at 700#.

    Still waking up....gotta run.....
  6. sjessen

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    Male, from Knoxville, Tn
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    Exact, I think you just helped me make my decision. I've been more than happy with the personal pace toros over the years. Have been on the fence about this one.

    Thanks again.
  7. lawnsaspire

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    Exact, would you mind posting more pictures of your setup, mowers, truck, and work, if not in this segment, in the pictures section?
  8. Exact Rototilling

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    When I'm all caught up with might happen.

    It still have considerable work to do on my enclosed trailer interior and a aluminum flatbed to install on my classic 85 Toyota 4x4.

    I'm honestly pretty backed up with deferred vehicle maintenance issues as well.

    I really need some down time....
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  9. JFGLN

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    Down time:laugh: Not till December 15th for me.
  10. Platinum2

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    I am a homeowner, not a contractor. I bought my Timemaster brand new last Spring. It is currently in the shop. The motor is shot due to some platic part (don't remember what the tech said it was....sorry) failing. I have 13 hours on the machine according to the hour meter I installed the day I bought it. I think I'm done with Toro. Can't see spending $1000 on something that lasted a year before the engine failed. I'd like to think I am the exception, but plastic parts serving critical roles inside engines is not exactly reassuring.

    I mow my 1/3 acre of fairly dense bluegrass and the motor I feel has always been underpowered. I can't imagine contractors getting any longevity out of these units given the amount of use they will put them through. I'm not sure what I'll replace it with, but I can't see myself keeping this machine. The commercial version (Exmark) has not convinced me it is a substantially better machine worthy of its $700 premium over the Timemaster.

    Kinda interesting because when I asked the members on this forum for an opinion on what to buy last year, nearly everyone said "buy used commercial." I wished I would have maybe given that more consideration. But, a lot of you have gone out and bought this unit for your fleet despite your own advice to me to do otherwise. Hope this unit works out for you guys....I am really disappointed with it.


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