Toro TimeMaster 30 vs Exmark Commercial 30 vs Toro Commercial 30 vs yBravo 25

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Exact Rototilling

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    I’d like to know exactly what part broke on your engine. :confused:

    A few of the Personal Pace drives didn’t work right last year either. This same basic Briggs engine is on Turfco aerators....? It’s also on my Lawn Solutions aerator.

    As of yet nobody has given a comparison between the TurfMaster and Time Master power wise or an any other front....?.....?

    Honestly if my TimeMaster 30 died I’d probably by another ASAP. It’s notably lighter than the commercial version and the Personal Pace makes it ridiculously easy to use except on up and down hills. On those types of lawns that are small and/or forced to bag... I grab my yBravo 25.

    For the record I use Castrol 0w-30 which is a true “SL” rated oil not the weak sister SN & SM newer spec oils with less ZDDP. Since the Time Master races up to max rpm immediately just makes sense.

    I just can’t see spending $1700+ on a commercial mower that can’t bag grass in the rain like my yBravo 25 can. I can mow and bag wet damp grass with the higher lift commercial blades to a point on the Time Master but nothing like the yBravo 25. Still..... unless the cut quality is somehow better on the commercial thanks.

    The shear speed of my Dually BOP mowers and flat manicured cut quality blows away both the Time Master 30 and the yBravo. Again for my use and purposes I don’t see the TurfMaster as being worth the extra $. Both the Time Master and yBravo 25 are niche mowers.

    I refuse to use 21's.
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    Exact, you don't feel that a more reliable engine+better frame, heavier duty wheels, and spin-off oil filtration, is worth a little more? I would shell out the extra $700 for the turfmaster in a heartbeat if I knew the transmission was reliable. To me it would serve as more than a niche mower as it is really the perfect size for about 40 of my lawns. Also the weird belt slapping noise that some have described during operation is a concern. I would honestly use this mower on a lot of the yards I now mow with the Quick 36. I love the 36, but carrying the accelerator bagger with heavy wet grass to my truck is killing my back. I would actually like to spring for the turfmaster and the timemaster. Then I could give you a comparison.:waving:
  3. Exact Rototilling

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    Been pondering this issue more. Honestly if I had to use my yBravo25 and/or TimeMaster 30 as my main mowers and NOT have the use of my Dually Q32, 36 and 44. I'd begin to phase out of mowing completely and just do applications and aerations.

    My Q36 Single is too blasted slow on bigger lawns and yes hauling off clippings really is a back killer with these mowers. You have to mulch with these mowers. I got to the point I just did it and gave zero option. Hauling off clippings is a waste and I only do it regularly on smallish tiny lawns where old folks want it mowed shorter and hauled off. TimeMaster 30 all the way on those tiny lawns. Heavy rain.yBravo25 and bagged.

    BOP dually mowers are a joy to use. The Q32 is the Best bagger. Q36 is okay with the SCAG blades and I don't bag with the Q44 at all. Just not well suited for bagging at all IMO.

    I'm here in the land of Walker Mowers and I refuse to bag large lawns. Total pita and shear waste of Nitrogen.

    Here there are tons of Huge piles of clippings in trailers and truck beds...:hammerhead:

    I'd like to demo an Exmark and Toro Commercial on an area with mixed.terrain and hills and get to the bottom of this.
  4. Platinum2

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    According to the technician, it was a broken plastic keyway. I'm not familiar with the internal parts of the B&S Pro engine. Apparently, B&S has since made the part from metal (novel idea...I know). No word on any additional damage as a result of the keyway failing.

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  5. Strapper92880

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    Most these mowers are not commercial. Nice mowers and they cut grass but all have had alot of troubles out of the start gate. List is too long to ho into but pass and cut the grass with a goat it will last longer.
  6. Platinum2

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    By the way, I'm serious about letting it go after it gets repaired. I have the electric start model. 13 hours on it. Bought brand new last spring. PM me if anyone is interested.

  7. djagusch

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    Exact. My buddy bought the ho version this spring and a 2nd commerical version a week later (toro's). I'm going to buy one for myself. He said hands down the ho is what I should buy. Based off the weight and controls he likes. Says the extra $800 isn't worth it. Home depot sells them for $999 (yes I know I should support the dealer but push mowers who cares). I can get 10% off and then the $50 buddy referral discount also. That puts me at $850 plus tax.

    He bags with it all the time and power is decent. Its mostly the weight reason. Cut is the same. For us we would expect 3yrs of service and anything past that is a bonus. We only use them 3 to 5hrs a week no more.

    You can basically buy 2 ho mowers for the price of the commerical.
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  8. Exact Rototilling

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    Yes I agree.

    For some reason I am not the least bit surprised on his input. The 2 major negatives are the small annoying gas tank. Equally as annoying on my LS Aerator. And the the Personal Pace drive is a chore on inclines past 20 degree or so. Other than that get 2 pairs of Turf Master higher lift blades and your good to go.

    Last year the TimeMaster got quite a bit of hate. This year for the TurfMaster other than than the tranny part issue they have had a fair amount of love....:rolleyes:

    yBravo 25 is not perfect by no means but it mows wet grass like a champ these last 2 days....:hammerhead:
  9. Exact Rototilling

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    I’d buy it from you if you were local. :)

    The worst is probably behind you. Are you bagging KBG with this mower or side discharging. This mower is very prone to clumps in turf if the blades get dull. I normally keep blades sharp but I failed to swap out my aeration plug [already dull] break up blades with sharp grass cutting blades on a lawn last week. HUGE night and day difference.

    I’ll shift into Lawn Coach mode now and much of the hassle of Cool season grass especially KBG is the entire over fertilize in the Spring and needless bagging drill. Go easy on fert in the spring and KBG just is easier to keep healthy mowed at 3.0+. Not lower than 2.5".

    Side discharge on first pass...let dry a bit. Then mulch mow on second. If you can't side discharge due to clipping in beds etc. just set it higher. Set the back of the mower one notch higher when mulching tall grass. Switch over to an organic based fertilizer in the Spring and Summer. Mid September to Early November pour on the Nitrogen 65%-75% of the years TOTAL Nitrogen for cool season should go down then. I prefer a slow release Fert in Mid to Late September and the lawn will Rocket the following Spring early with ZERO need for early fert.

    Sadly MOST application Co. cater to the whims of Spring fever and NOT what is best for the turf. :hammerhead:
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    I have Time.aster ho models (4). I haven't had any issues other than a transmission on one at 145 hrs. I run the Turfmastef blades and they make a huge difference. I also turned the engine up to 3600 with the blades engaged. Huge power gain. I like the personal pace a lot, don't knock it till you try it.

    I wish Toro would make a dedicated high lift blade but the deck design may limit the decks ability to work with that style blade. Vacuum is pretty lackluster even with the commercial blades. SmLl twigs and maple helicopters are missed more often than I would like.

    We mow mostly kbg, p.rye mix at 1.5-2.0" and the qoc is good. When you make an initial low cut the mower will show you that it has two blades, after this the cut is very nice. Much nicer than our Honda hrc's.

    In short I can buy 2:1 timemaster over turfmaster, run them till they break and buy a new one.

    We bought knowing that it won't handle anymore than a 21' except take a 30" path. Almost all mowers struggle with wet tall grass, it has 6hp not 16.

    I will replace them when needed with the same. If I were to get the commercial I would go exmark for the drive controls. Lot of weight difference between the comm and ho machines. The slap under the cowling is the tension plley for the blade engage, the belt is sloppy, adjust the cable under the cowl. It is a non threatening issue forr me as it is only an occasional occurance.

    I will try to add later in on my phone. Sorry for mispelled words and such
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