Toro Timemaster, durable?


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Greetings I've had a toro timemaster about 5 years. The Blade engagement cable broke at the end of last year so I replaced it with a cable (from a parts site that took my serial number) and it seemed to work poorly. The operator position lever went into place but it sounded like the blade didn't really get to speed, I used it about 5 or 10 minutes like this and stopped for the season.

Last night I got the mower out from it's cover, started it and after a minute or two heard a "plink" and so stopped to look under. I assume the plink was one of the 8 bolt heads holding the two blade mounts onto the deck departing it's bolt. Three are ... missing the others look corroded. Did I make this time bomb with my mail order cable? Is it normal for these to look corroded (I store the mower outside but always covered completely). I think I have a long wait and a hefty repair bill ahead of me during peak spring growth. I'm wondering if the 30 inch cutting deck is what I really need. My last toro went 15 years with nothing more then the occaisional new plug.Suggestions on how to proceed, ideas on what went wrong appreciated.


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Toro like all the others builds them with planned failures. They make as much or more selling the same crappy parts over and over again. Stick it to them and repair it so it dont break again using better parts often from other mowers.

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