toro trans 21 inch problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by xxl, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. xxl

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    My trans is hard to shift grear the post on the houseing is extremly hard to move. the mower is a 21 toro gts 2 cycle
  2. jkason

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    Start with the simple stuff first. Disconnect the cable and make sure it moves freely.
    With age, grass & rust build up on the post, causing hard shifting.
    Also, this thing is what, 15 yrs old? Tranny might be shot. It's rebuildable. though.
  3. xpnd

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    I guess my first question is why are you in need of shifting the trans at all. Through various means all my 21" Torros are locked down into 3rd. No shifting. If the traction cable is adjusted correctly the mower will start just as easily as if it was in neutral. For the extremely rare occasions when I need to adjust the high speed limit screw (new short block), I just loosen the knob on the traction cable to allow the belt to freely slip. The more you shift the more potential you have for damage. Lock it into third, adjust speed with tension on the pulley, and adjust the traction cable correctly.

    To adjust the traction cable, stick one of your fingers (fatter fingers work better) under the handle and lift the bail and lightly sandwich the finger between the bail and handle. At this height there should be inadequate belt tension to engage the transmission yet ideally it will nudge the transmission but the mower won't go anywhere. At this point and below, the mower will freely start being in gear but not go anywhere. Above this point the trans will engage and the mower will wear your arm out trying to get it started. You don't need and should not be putting it in neutral for every start. Best way to wear a trans out is constantly shifting it.

    Just installed a new Suzuki 22040 short block this morning. Only have a few more left before I get dragged into the 4 stroke mess.

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