Toro transmission questions with pics

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by matthew horner, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. matthew horner

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    I have a toro 36" wb that I'm restoring. Got it going, but the tranny is giving me problems. It is a T-bar. The pics help to show the issue. It is throwing belts off of the pulley. These are the two groove belts and it basically begins to bind and throws the belt off to one side.

    It was doing it on the rh side, so I did a little jerry-rigging to test that, and instead, it threw it on the right side.

    The transmission axles have lots of movement in them, both vertically and horizontally. I can see the splines. I think that is the problem. The bent metal guard on the left is not the problem, I bent it in to check to see if keeping the pulley from moving out any further. this is what caused the rh side to jump off the pulley, instead of the left.

    Any tips here?

    Any idea what parts I need to order to fix this, ie-to snug things back up, assuming that is what I need to do?



  2. dbroken64

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    According to the first pic it looks like to me the shaft coming out of the transmission is either bent or......look the way the pulleys line up. Does it look like the main pulley is bent a little to the left????????????
  3. matthew horner

    matthew horner LawnSite Senior Member
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    yeah, pulleys may not be plumb-straight, but I've had a few of these and none of them were perfect, but none of them had the shaft play this one does! ANyways it is throwing the belt on both sides
  4. Tharrell

    Tharrell LawnSite Silver Member
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    Check those bearings.
    Also, you can use a big pipe wrench to bend that metal on the frame back to normal.
  5. ed2hess

    ed2hess LawnSite Fanatic
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    Does the bearing hold that shaft from sliding out into the guard?

    FIXDISS LawnSite Senior Member
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    Try putting it up on jack stand or something so you can engage drive axles and watch to see if the pulleys have been warped. Also check for play in the bearings(up and down). Not sure if those bearings are in a fixed location or if there is some adjustment to them to get that axle in a straight line from the gearbox.From the pics I can see slack in the splines at gearbox and maybe it is an illusion but is there a washer under the left side of the gearbox ? That could be causing misalignment with axle too if that gearbox is higher on one side.Just a few things to check but if you are like me and love a good challenge , You will figure it out ! Good luck to ya.
  7. Restrorob

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    Looking at the below pic. where the circles are it appears the whole engine/trans. frame has been twisted down on the left side. The smaller circles show the difference at the tires.


    In this pic. it looks like someone has bent the guide brackets on both sides to replace the belts, There should only be 1/8 to 3/16" Clearance between these brackets and the belts with them engaged.


    There should be snap rings on the shaft just inside the bearings to hold the shafts from walking out.
  8. jim dailey

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    The Snap Rings are the problem, just as ED says. Happened to me on an old Snapper. Make sure the shaft hole on the plate is not elongated. It is worth it to replace the plate, the bearings and the snap rings if they are all older. Mine went for another 5-6 years after that. Good luck with it...JIM.
  9. matthew horner

    matthew horner LawnSite Senior Member
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    I think one of the tires was lower than the other one in the pics. The mower has been banged up by someone, yes. I am more into tlc!

    The bearings are both shot! I'll start there. So the in/out of the shafts is prevented by snap rings? I don't see any snap rings anywhere on the machine. Perhaps someone took them off. Where exactly are they. I think I'll begin taking this apart, and get 2 new bearings and new snap rings. Thanks for the help so far. It would also help if I generally got things as straight as possible.

    Does anyone have toro part numbers at hand?

    Thanks again,
    what a site!
  10. lucforce

    lucforce LawnSite Member
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    If the snap rings were missing the shaft and pulley would slide outward from the mower into the "guards."

    If the bearings are loose, You are spinning your wheels until you remedy this.
    FIRST you need to ensure that the chassis is not bent along that axis of the axles.

    Those belts are in bad shape. Once they get some wear and jump off a couple of times because of improper adjustment of all of the parts-THATS IT-The belts are simply going to continue to jump off.

    1. ensure that frame is straight
    2. replace bearings (and carefull installation is key to the replacements and the couplers lasting-The tub axles must remain in plane with the transmission.)
    3.replace the belts
    4.adjust and straighten the guards and engagement arms
    5.Cut Grass

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