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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by oneshot, May 14, 2009.

  1. oneshot

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    Hey guys I have a brand new Toro 53 cm Heavy duty recycler mower model #22177TE and the bagger won't bag. It doesn't inflate or suck up grass. The mulch plug is not in. it's running at full throttle. the damn blade is on what the heck could be the reason for this. any help would be appreciated

    thanks chris
  2. Greenwrench

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    If you are certain the blade is in fact turning at speed, and the chute is clear, the blade may be installed upside down. Hey, stuff happens...
  3. oneshot

    oneshot LawnSite Member
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    hey thanks for the reply greenwich. It's funny you mentioned that I just checked the blade and no it's alright. but listen to this. I have an older mower same stlye and I switched bags. whalla. problem solved. Looking at the new bag the quality of construction doesn't compare. the weave of the material is really open I mean I can see right through it where as the old one is way more dense. would this effect the vacum at all. both bags are exactly the same the way they mount the machine. anyway thaks again in advance


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