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    Does anybody know anything about the TRUTAK system and if the two different models are a serious issue when dealing with a stationary deck or a floating deck? I know someone who is getting rid of one for cheap and I think it may be for a floating deck. I have a stationary deck. Model numbers are 30110 and 30109. The descriptions I found about the products are not very clear but they look the same to me. Thanks
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    Not sure what the difference is, but I am thinking one was for hydro and one was for belt...let me know if your friend wants to sell his to me if you dont want it.

    I have a Toro T2 with Velke and the Velke strut is too long (Its 15" and needs to be about 13") so if I could get TruTrak for cheap I would snap it up.
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    I believe the difference between the two Trutrak models is the mounting (bolt) pattern.
    You really should bring your mower along and compare it with the sulky, see if there is any major difference in mounting (bolt) pattern or any clearance issues.
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    Here are the parts diagrams, you can see the difference in mounting the two models.



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