Toro Turbo Force Deck Belt Covers Falling Off

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by tomo, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. tomo

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    hello ,
    I am writing to you about the concerns with the belts covers that contniously come adrift due to the clip arrangement failing . In most circumstances this is not an issue BUT as the clips refuse to hold the cover it either is lost on a job site
    rubbs on pulleys
    rubs on the belt
    when it completely falls off the covers are typically run over by the mower

    The MAIN addition is that on particular job sites [ muti natinal companies ] if all safety rules are not listened to a written warning can be issued
    A verbal warning has already been issued to me for the missing belt covers
    [fell off 1/2 way through job ]

    The covers fall off at any given time after around 80hrs use
    *****Many other owner/operaters are suffering the same problem********

    What is the rectification for this??
    Continual replacement of clips IS NOT THE ANSWER

    The machine is dec 06 model under warranty
    In the dealer i noticed the same clips r still being used on the update to my machine 12mths later [the update was only 4 minor items ] u would have expected the clips to be reviewed!!!!!!

    toro /exmark response ???

  2. eXmark

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    I'm sorry to hear that you are having safety issues w/ the deck covers on your Toro machine. Unfortunately, I can't help solve the issue for you. Although we are a division of Toro, we don't know their product like we know our own. I would urge you to contact Toro's customer service department. I will also forward your message to a contact I have at Toro, but your best bet to get an immediate response is to call them directly at 1-888-865-5688.

  3. TeeBox

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    Hey tomo. I have attached a couple of pics of my belt covers. Is this what yours looks like? If so I had problems with mine falling off when I 1st got it and you can see in the 2nd pic that you can tighten the clip down to mash the rubber out so they will hold. This fixed my problem. Let me know.


  4. tomo

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    as we all know exmark toro products are all good and i am generally happy with the product. Most machines will always have some small issues anyways.

    In regards to a fix lets see where do u start ha ha

    The problem is the rubber deteriates /falls apart [does not retain cover]
    In some cases the clip then falls out of the cover and is lost
    [due to the plastic nut not being a NYLOC type it vibrates off ]

    Add a large outside diameter washers with nyloc nut
    Replace the rubber with a sustitute and just maybe problem solved
    The issue with replacing the rubber with a strong durable type [reinforced fuel line ] is the clip is plastic including the threaded section . Most likely it will break .

    Thanks all i will contact the number provided and let u know the out come

  5. Pro-Scapes

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    on mine the ears in which the plastics mount to completly broke off. Im guessing they failed due to vibration and i had to tack em back on.

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