Toro (Turbo Force) mulch kit install problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by T.L.C., Oct 16, 2004.

  1. T.L.C.

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    Hope Someone Can Help. Trying To Install Mulch Kit On A 52" Turbo Force Deck, Can't Get The Adjustable Flow Assembly Off. I Know It Can't Be That Complicated But It Is. I Can Remove The Cam Lock But The Washer & Bolt That Protrudes Through The Top Of The Deck Is The Part I Cannot Seem To Remove . Does This Bolt Unscrew? I Tried But It Doesn't Come / Hate To Force It If It's Not Suppose To. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated...thanks!
  2. Tonyr

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    To install your mulch kit, you need to remove all side discharge baffles, there are 2 cam, locks on the adjustable side, the rest is bolted, all bolts holding these baffles on are to be removed, just check under the deck to see what bolts fasted baffles to deck and undo....always spray these with wd40 as you don't want then to rust or seize...

    removing the side discharge baffles takes 5 mins....that's the easy bit :)

    Now, the time consuming, patience testing bit is holding the heavy 2 piece mulch kit in place while to you bolt it up....I've given up on using the kit as takes up too much time, pity because this kit is probably the best there is!

    These mower manufacturers have got to remember we don't have purpose built workshops etc and 1 or 2 spare helpers, they should make these kits easy and fast for 1 person to fit, Toro has not imo designed an easy, fast to fit kit. Awkhawd and heavy!

    More one designed to be permanently a perfect world that would be great.

    Someone here recently showed a pic of a chute blocker plate with a partial mulch baffle attached so the discharge blade would actually mulch not leave a line of mulched grass like OCDC's do, I going to get mine modified to see if I can make a poor mans mulch kit...

    If you can leave your kit on for a season or at least a month or more it is worth it.

    Toro Atomics work ok, Toro Recycles work great, and Raptors from Stens corp. are great too.....standard notched highlifts do a fine job with mulch kit too thanks to the kickers on the kit.

    good choice in mower mate!
  3. T.L.C.

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    Tony, Thanks For The Help With The Mulch Kit!

  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    TLC... how are you liking the 52"??? 500 or 400 series?
  5. T.L.C.

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    It's The 500 Series. I Previously Operated A 44" Exmark & Was Told Both Machines Were Almost Identical. Honestly, It Doesn't Perform As Wll As The Exmark. The Toro Will Tend To Scalp Easier Than The Exmark. I Realize The Difference In The Deck Sizes, But Have Seen The 52"exmark In Operation. There Is A Noticeable Difference. Other Than That I Am Pleased.

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