Toro Turboforce Deck users -- fall blade choices

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RichmondR, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. RichmondR

    RichmondR LawnSite Member
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    I just got me a brand new Toro Z-453 23hp Kaw with 52" deck -- just wondering what your favorite fall blades are for this deck (mulch or side discharge) and what setting you have your baffle set for.

    I have the mulch kit on now and I'm using the standard recycler blades -- they turn the grass almost to powder but it takes a couple passes to really chew up the leaves at 3 1/4", and they're not that thick yet. I'm wondering if the Atomics or Gators would do a better job on the leaves.

    Thanks guys. BTW, damnn that's a nice mower.
  2. Tonyr

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    Try Raptors, go to Stens website or do a search here, lots of info about Raptors with feedback

    They are great on my Toro Z588E...
  3. rico387

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    Gotta like them Toro Z mowers. Gator type blades w/teeth on the back do a great job. They will make a deck w/a mulching baffle grind up stuff even finer. Toro Atomic blades have the teeth and they have some kind of funky coating that is supposed to make them last longer. I have a set, but have yet to use them. I've had good luck with Rotary and Gator brand blades.
    Rick IAFF local 2294
  4. I use gator's for leave time ..which is fast reproaching .
  5. RichmondR

    RichmondR LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, guys. I will definitely give one of those a try.

    I know to you guys a small frame 23/52 is probably no big deal. But to me, after riding on a 38" yard tractor for ten years, I feel like king of the world on that thing. Thanks again.

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