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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Schrock Lawns, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Nothing really because I dont own one lol, but seems like the holes would get all filled with crap and also putting the wheel in the wrong hole or not knowing which one it was in or whatever. I know all small details, I do like the idea of the front wheels not getting all wonkie like my 21" toro.

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    So if they just about the same cc and hp and a lot of complaints on the time master why would I spend the extra money on the kawi and other small up grades
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    I couldn't imagine buying a home owner anything for this business. My guys are so ruff on equipment. And a Briggs engine? My Kawi's start on the 1st pull almost everytime.
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    Kawi Torque is higher than the larger cc Briggs. More reliable and will last 3 times longer than the briggs. The main reason I bought the commercial version over the homeowner time master is shear longevity. yes more expensive but over 6 years it only really costs you under 300 a year. Then you factor in to selling it for 4-500 after 6 years and your looking at less than 225 a year. If you have employees you will want the commercial version. Other wise the timemaster is a 2 year mower period. that means 4-600 a year in cost of mower.
    The commercial version is an investment in time and fewer breakdowns. Quite looking at the initial cost, look at what it will cost you in the future. Less break downs, less loss of employee down time. value of each machine when at end of depreciation.

    All that said, I do have the means of testing the performance side by side and will have a timemaster along side of the commercial version just to prove that I am right. Taxes are nearly paid so hopefully will have a resi machine just to see if the guys can break it in the next 2 years:hammerhead:
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    I pulled the trigger on a turfmaster today. I gave my dealer $500 and said order it.(I think he could use the cash to pay himself,late spring). He then said he could have in 2 weeks. I won't need it for a least four weeks with this spring.
    He then asked me if I had seen what they are selling for. I think he would like to get me his best price but make a little him self. So I would like to know a good selling price from dealers on this. I have seen $1599 to $1899 any info would be great.
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    I just got a Exmark 30in love it.
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    $1799 is the promo price here is Canada, reg is $1999, probably lower where you are.
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    I've seen the toro at $1818 at most of the Toronto area dealers and the exmark version at $1999. Not sure where the difference is in price between the two as the look the same apart from the drive control systems and height adjusters.

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