Toro Turfmaster Vs. Exmark Commercial 30"

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    I was wondering if anyone has any new info on these two mowers. I recently saw them both at a landscape expo(Congress). Here is what I found out.

    Both have identical motors, decks, drive trains.

    The Toro has a two point height adjustment, where the exmark has individual wheels, that come off to change the height much like the 21" model.

    The control/bail on the exmark is a traditional style(blades on top and drive on bottom. The Toro has a single lower bail that controls both, it slides sideways slightly which engages the blades and the drive, or you leave it and it controls just the drive. So both mowers can run in drive without the blades engaged which is a big plus for this size/type of mower.

    The front wheels an the exmark stick out from the deck slightly in the front, where the Toro's are more part of the deck.

    The Toro was priced at $1850.00, the Exmark wasn't priced but the rep there said it would be slightly more then the Toro. Keep in mind I live in Canada, so U.S. prices will likely be less.

    Overall, both seem very well built, very solid, but seem relatively maneuverable despite there size/weight of approx 170-180 lbs, which isn't too bad considering the pro-line and exmark 21" are about 115lbs.

    I will be getting a Toro for sure, mainly because dealer is closer, and will gladly share my experiences when I get it. I hope this information helps and please add your comment/updates for these mower as you come across them.

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    Do yourself a huge favor and check out the 32" Wright Velke Mower.

    You get 11 MORE Horsepower and DUAL Hydro Pumps and Wheel Motors and 2" more deck.

    It is like a Ferrari vs a Yugo for small lawns.:waving:
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    i will stick with my toro 32 floater-at least it has a real trans
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    I'm aware of the competition, but this mower is in a different class altogether, but for its size and configuration there is nothing else like these two machines, Im aware of 32" wb, but they are just not the same, also ferris makes the best 32" wb in my opinion. Please no bashing, just looking for more info.
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    The Ferris 32" Walk uses a Single Hydro System.

    It is not in the same class as the Wright 32" Dual Hydro.

    The 30" Toro is a boat anchor.

    Take a Dual Hydro for a spin.:waving:
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    Yes I agree. Two different type of mowers and application. The Toro/xmark 30" could possibly replace a pushmower in most applications, the commercial 32" will not. The closest mower I could find in that size to replace a pushmower 90% of the time was the 33" cub/craftsman/troybuilt. Sold mine off because of cut quality and the bagging option was cumbersome.

    The Toro looks like a viable option for an occasional back yard with a narrow gate. The rear bagger would be nice and to switch from side discharge to mulching easily is a plus. I have no need for a commercial 32". I would hate to haul around another heavy/bigger mower all day just to pull it off of the trailer once or twice.
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    Beating a Dead Horse:hammerhead:

    But a 32" Dual Hydro can go anywhere and do everything a 30" Belt Driven 170LB mower can....Only Better:waving:
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    Believe me or not, there are some customers that just do not want the big machines on there lawns making this ideal for alot of people in the lawn industry. I was going to buy one but don't really have the trailer space and so far the customers i have have no complaints as far as using the big commercial mowers, but if that changed in the future would most definitely purchase one.
  9. KS_Grasscutter

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    My assumption is that it weighs too much, the narrow wheels will rut things real bad. I'd rather have a 21" and a 32". Have a fixed deck toro, wish I'd of went with the ferris with the floating deck and hydro drive.
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    The ferris single hydro is an awesome machine, no need for dual at 32", its very quick and very nimble, but isnt the same as a push mower style machine like this new 30", a wb has a much longer wheelbase and doesn't give a good cut on small uneven lawns ( the ones you would use a 21" for), the new 30" has 3" wide rear tires, and rutting would be comparable probably to a toro Proline. Dont get me wrong wb have there place for sure, but a push mower is still a go to machine for small residential, and this 30" model is just a larger 21' mower without jumping up to the full wb class of mower. Just my thoughts, I use a 21" a lot and could not use a 32" wb in 90% of the places the 21" can go.

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