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Toro TX 425 Price


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Waterbury, CT
I'd like to buy from my dealer but don't think he's giving me a good enough price, so what do you all think is a good price for a Toro tracked unit model tx425? Is your price for the machine alone or does it include a bucket? If it includes a bucket which one? If you're checking for me, please get a price for just the unit and is it a 2006 or a left over.



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coastal NC
ours was $14,500.oo. but this was with $6k of attachments being bought as well..
total was a little over 20K


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coastal NC
hoskm01 said:
Which attachments did you buy originally? Which ones do you use the most? Which ones could you live without/ use the least?[/QUOTE

mulch bucket
4 n 1 bucket (multipurpose)
land leveler
eliminator scarifier/landscape rake
sod roll layer
multi purpose tool
bobcat adaptor
forkster stand on attachment

all are really good.
wish we had bought a cultivator also

the 4 in one is really pricey..$2k i don't know if i would buy it if i had to do it over.

do not get the regular bucket.. get the big mulch bucket.... we load it with anything and it handles it fine....


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Sweet. Thanks for the info. I plan to get one in the next couple months. Tough to find pricing online, have got to get out to the dealer. Torn on which one though. Many choices.


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coastal NC
demo, demo, demo, demo, demo....

demo all of them.. put them through thier paces....
try to do the same stuff with them and time your work..
i took all of them to my rock distributer and used his pallets of rock and scaled to see how much they would actually pick up...
then timed them across a set distance...
then maneuvered them, measured the actual dump heights....etc..