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Toro v Walker

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I need some advice. I am going to purchase a new ZTR and it will either be a Toro ZTR 355 27hp petrol or a Walker 21hp diesel. I need the mower to cut 3 acres residential flat with a couple of small mounds. Pretty normal conditions most of the time. Will be bagging 90%. In New Zealand $$$ the Toro is about $22,000 and the Walker about $32,000. Toro have just reduced their price,s but the Walker,s have not moved. The NZ$ has appreciated against the US$ about 26% in the last 12 months and Toro looks like they are passing on the savings to the consumer which is good. Any advice on either mower would be very welcome but at the moment I am thinking Toro because of the big $$$ difference. Cheers
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Royal Oaks,

If your going to be using this on a 3 acre lawn, I'd go to something different than a Walker, or Walker-like mower. Unless you NEED to bag those 3 acres, I'd rather see you on a ZTR MIDMOUNT. Larger decks, faster speed, cheaper, and IMO more versitile.

Don't get me wrong, there is no substitute for a Walker if you HAVE TO BAG. But....You didn't mention that in your post.

Are you a LCO or a homeowner?
I must have missed that in the translation from Kiwi to English! :rolleyes: :D :D :D

Wow, bag 3 acres of grass!:eek:
A high lift catcher will dump into a pickup truck from your seat. The mechanism raises the hopper a few inches. This raises the center of gravity.
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