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    bobcat and scag (the cougar I think) made something that LOOKED like a walker...but these had to be very different than the walker at the time, because of patents that were still valid.

    They did not do well because they were almost twice as expensive as their own companies other mowers and nothing actually like the walker.

    They did not have removable decks and couldnt take other attachments, Certain walker patents have since expired, bringing about the Navigator.

    the navigator is 150% a better mower than walker, many improvements.

    However walker is still over all better because of the implements and support and after market toys etc... over all more versatile better machine.

    But Navigator is the better mower...

    IF you JUST need a GHS style bagging mower. Get a Navigator.

    if you want it to do everything maintenance grasshopper and walker are still kings.
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    Heres some pictures and info I got on the new Toro 8000 series

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    HAHAHA good find!!!
    I just found that same pdf and was going to post it on here somewhere, but you beat me to it!

    Toro 8000 series! Im looking forward to seeing one for myself in this next year. 2015 was going to bring another Walker anyway, but this mower may be what I'll lean toward instead since I don't use my Walker to its full mini tractor potential and I am a huge Toro fan.
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    I was told the toro would not offer the larger ech730 kohler that exmark has and the pfc specs seem to support that showing a 23 hp
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    dealer told me the 48 efi was gonna be $15200 thats way too high!
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    It is high, but when walk behinds are going for 8 G's now-a-days, the specialty baggers are going to be going up up up up up....
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    The new Walker's have a dark grey hopper now. Thats because they were having to reject too many from the supplier/manufacturer. The white showed too many imperfections I guess. I think they looked better white, but I'm sure the gray will grow on me.
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    Go price any model of your favorite mowers and you'll see the prices are sky high, Deere, Toro, Walker, Grasshopper etc etc etc.
    They are all in the same area price wise.

    Like most changes to the things we are used to the new will grow on you.
    I like Walker's new/updated model and style.

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