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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by snapper, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. snapper

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    Okay time to decide. Toro 48" fixed deck, t-bar, kohler 15 horse. Can get it for 2600. Gravely pro g 48 fixed pro steer, kawasaki 15 horse twin. i believe i can get it for 2500. I am going to buy a sulky to go with either one. I like the toro t-bar, i dont mind the kohler but just dont like height adjustment. seems well built and rugged. I like the gravely deck adjustment, i like the kawasaki, looks like i will like the pro steer, it has an hour meter which is nice, also has electric clutch which is something else to wear out. It has bigger tires, which i am not sure of the affects, any ideas? It also seems to have a heavier frame and deck. It seems like the gravely is better bang for the buck, but it all comes down to how well will each one mow? Which one could be expected to hold up better? And also toro has more dealers for parts and service gavely has one. So, i guess i am looking for real life useage feed back. Which would mow better which would give the longest service with minimal fuss? Which would you go with and why? this is a big decidion for me, so i am trying to do it right.

    later guys
  2. plateau lawn care

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    I started out with the gravely 36 pro g pro steer and loved the machine. I have never used the toro the cut on the 36 was great i just don't know if i would go with the fixed deck on the 48. I agree with the deck adjustment on gravely it was also very easy to adjust. I never had a problem for the year i had it and the person i sold it to has'nt had any problems with it they are well built i believe. I use a lesco 48 hydro float deck now and it does ok in thin grass but if you get in thick grass it boggs way down, it just wont keep the rpms up for some reason .. Sorry no info on the toro although i here their great.
  3. jtkplc

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    I think both will hold up fine. They are both solidly build machines. As far as cut quality, you should go demo them and see for yourself. I've never used a Toro before, but my Gravely's won't cut quite as good as Exmark, there's not a lot of difference, but enough to notice. If you are changing deck heights a lot I would go with the Gravely. I don't know what the Toro has for height adjustment, but the Gravely's have the best design, IMO.
  4. lawnsbyrj

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    I run a 48 in gravely and I love the mow I wish i had gotten hydro because mine lacks alot in reverse almost have to pull it but a great straight line forward mower
  5. lawnboy dan

    lawnboy dan LawnSite Gold Member
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    the tbar sterring sys is a plus for the toro. the elect clutch is a - .
  6. snapper

    snapper LawnSite Senior Member
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    well i think i am going with my gut. I really liked the gravely.. I went and looked at this morning. The pro-steer worked about as good as the t-bar. the gravely deck adjustment was really what i liked the best. The electric clutch is nice, the bigger tires help, and it has a slightly bigger gas tank. There was just sumthin about it i liked. I am a little concerned about a few things. First he said it was a last years model, but after calling gravely they said it was built fubuary of 03? It has about 8 hours on the meter which means it has beened stopped and started several times, and also you can tell it has been mowed with some.. I got it for 2500 versus the 28-2999 they normally go for. I ought to of chewed him down a little more, but he doesnt deal very well, so i just let it be. Now do i need to be concerned about these few demo hours? It still has the original warranty. I am getting it and a sulky for 3000. I just felt like this was the right mower. I am going to mull it over this weekend, and if i am still happy, will go to the bank first of the week and then buy it.. So any comments on the hours and if i should be concerned? He said he would change the oil before i got it too.. I think if gravely had more dealers they would be more popular..

    later!! chris
  7. snapper

    snapper LawnSite Senior Member
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    wonder how many updates were done between that mower and the current version? Should i be worried about htis?

  8. lawnmaniac883

    lawnmaniac883 LawnSite Silver Member
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    You can go to gravely's website and compare models

    Looks to me like the only difference is msrp is now 3200. As long as the model you are looking at has maintenance free spindles, they are the same.
  9. Mowingman

    Mowingman LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Texas
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    I believe the only update on the Gravely belt-drive walkbehinds, has been in the drive pulleys and belts. A few machines had a problem with drive belt slippage on both sides. Gravely made an improvement to the pulleys, linkage, and belts. Only a small range of serial numbers had this problem, and Gravely has a upgrade kit to fix the problem. If your machine falls within that range of serial numbers, your dealer can get the kit, and install it, all under warranty.
    The installation take about an hour or so to do.
    Don't believe their were any other changes to those models.
  10. ToroLandscaper

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    What dealer are you using?

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