Toro VS. Dixie chopper

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by bassin, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. bassin

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    Hi guys i am looking at different mowers and i found a nice used dixie chopper 60 inch and a Toro 60 inch i was wondering what you guys that have ran them thought good or bad about them i ran a dixie before and liked the way it cut and striped good does the Toro do as good? thanks
  2. birddseedd

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    iv never used a dixie. so my vote is toro is better. (actullay scag or bobcat is the best)

    the real answer is which has a decent dealer in your area. if there is noone around to get you dixie parts or do repairs for 5 days while parts are shipped youll wish you had the toro

    or the other way around if the case may be.

    dealer support is as important as brand (scag)(18mph with perfect cut)
  3. bassin

    bassin LawnSite Member
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    there is good dealers around here for both the Dixie service guy has fix the dixie that we run right on the trailer before
  4. birddseedd

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    If that is the case then i would go with whichever one you felt most comfortable with, assuming you have used both.

    there is also image and price. having both the same mowers helps give more of a corporate appeal.

    i know at one point dixie claimed to have the fastest mower which i do not think is the case anymore. as i said. iv never used dixie so i cannot say of its quality from a personal stance. but around here it seems dixie is used by homeowners and not many if any companies. that i see anyway.
  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Dixie Chopper will eat that Toro for lunch and supper if you buying the Classic models
    I been running them since 1985 since then I owned 11 mowers and still run 9 of them.
    I have never found another mower that is better then the classic DC My dealer is 3 hrs away one way not often I had to take it in to fix it. No major problems mostly minor things.

    DC always made there own mowers. Toro hired other companies to build some there mowers over the years.
  6. TriCountyLawn

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  7. Toro 455

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    I'm loyal to Toro all thru their COMMERCIAL line. As far as their PRO series it's a maybe. Toros' CONSUMER grade is no better than anyone else, maybe not as good.
    The Dixie Chopper falls somewhere between Toro's PRO and COMMERCIAL series.

    Just 'cause it's red or silver don't make it any better. Toro tends to discharge better, Dixie chopps clippings better.

    I like Toro because I'm right in the middle of the bluegrass belt and sometimes get a little behind in my work. The Dixie might work fine for you being north of Lima. What are you cutting? A lot of fescue?

    Look at the motors, size of the pumps & wheel motors, and things like the caster wheels etc. Then go with your gut feeling.
  8. Cody S

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    Dixie has made a great mower for years. Their classic series is a nice, solid mower. However, they keep switching up what has worked for them in the past, and it is starting to show in their current quality. As for Toro, ever since they bought Exmark, their commercial line has been great. It all comes down to what you really like and feel comfortable on. Then go from there. You really can't go wrong with either mower, just make sure it has a Kawasaki!

    Edit: Just so it doesn't seem like I'm talking behind a brochure, my dad ran a Dixie Classic for years and still does in Arizona. Does an awesome job on bermudagrass. Up here the turboforce deck on the Toro does an awesome job on bluegrass and tall fescue.
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  9. birddseedd

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    i still say scag. nothing can beat the new cheetah 2 speed trani scag
  10. bassin

    bassin LawnSite Member
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    most of the turf that we cut is a of fescue and some bluegrasses. customers tend to like very high definition stripes and we have a mixture of irrigations lawn and non irrigation are grasses very a lot thanks for the input

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