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  1. meets1

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    I am in desperate need of a new mower. Long story short - a guy stopped me the other day asking about our 1 Z. IT is a toro, DFS bagger, 52inch, 20 kohler, 1,008 hours. 3 yrs old. I said great blah blah blah - Monday he calls asking if I would be interested in selling. Sure - he now wants to try it out. I ended up selling the mower. I am now down one machine out of 4 and I need another.

    Toro dealer say I can you a mower within a week, just no DFS bagger. I am pricing a 52 inch, 23 Hp Kawa engine, dfs bagger. Mower alone he wants $8100, DFS he wants $1600. Tells me toro is increasing prices 3.5% November 1, 06.

    Ok - I try to rent a mower - not an option. Everyone around here either won't rent or wants $45 / tack hour. I have a JD dealer, toro dealer, snapper dealer, grasshopper dealer, woods dealer, kubota dealer. I check with Kubota - he'll sell me a 54 inch deck with 23 kohler Z for $7100 - no interest, no down, no nothing for 3 years. Bagger is a 3 bag system mounted in the back for an extra $1500.00

    So do I switch to Kubota and have all other toros? Stay with Toro - and where can I get a DFS bagger for a 400 series Toro??
  2. JTF40

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    If you are going to buy a gasser, buy the Toro. HOWEVER, you can buy the best diesel in the Kubota. :usflag:
  3. Idealtim

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    What reason do you have to not buy the kubota? Haveing all toro is nothing special if you don't have a junk toro to steal parts from in a hurry. And the $1200.00 is quite an incentive.
  4. mag360

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    You should be able to get a much better price than that.
    Check on the z500 estate series (sister to the exmark lazer as)
    The local dealer is eager to sell the 25 61 for $6999 and there is a 25 52 in the same series that should be equal or lesser priced.
  5. topsites

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    Just for the 3yrs no int / no pay, I am very tempted to go out and get one right now.
  6. J&R Landscaping

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    That financing rate is very attractive! Is that offer good on the whole line of commercial ZTRs?
  7. puppypaws

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    The Toro diesels are Kubota's.
  8. meets1

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    Yes, the offer stands for all Kubota "stuff" and all BOBCAT stuff. If I was in the market for a new SKID I would junp at that deal but my old case serves the purpose for the amount I use I.

    I have 3 400 series TORO's and 1 500 series toro's. I like them, dealer has been great but he has told me best deal for $8100 for the 400 series TORO with 52 deck and 23 kawa engine.

    Kubota - I have had 2 in the past years - 5 - 8 yrs ago but I just went all toro due to parts, machines, one dealer ect. Tough call! Also with the Kubota I will have to jump off all the time to empty the 3 bag bagger system. Where as with the DFS I back up and dump and gone again.

    If you know where I can get a 400 series TORO with DFS bagger - let me know. Toro also says that November 1 - 06 they will be raising all prices on new stock regardless of machines by 3.5%. That is pretty steep if you ask me for a price increase in one year.
  9. JTF40

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    I am very aware of that. However, the Toro he is looking at is a gasser. :cool2:
  10. LwnmwrMan22

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    Meets - how far will you drive for either machine?? Also, what model exactly are you looking for with the other 2?? I'll check my Toro / Kubota dealer here. The Toro dealer's usually high, but I know the Kubota guys will be VERY happy to move product right now. I ALWAYS buy my machines from them this time of year.

    My Kubota dealer is about 40 miles north of where I met you that time to get that blade grider..... which by the way has been sitting in the corner of the garage since... You wanna buy it back??? :D

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