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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by leeave96, Aug 7, 2004.

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    Firstly, please forgive me, I posted this thread at the Commmercial forum too, I thought I might get some home owner input here, hence the repost - thanks!

    I am considering purchasing a new 21" walk behind and am leaning toward a Lawnboy - primarily because it has a side chute and a 2 cycle engine, but I have some questions.

    I have just about ruled out the commercial version of the LB because I have read posts here that the drive wheels do not hold-up and the drive cable constantly breaks.

    So I have narrowed my choice to the Goldpro and Silverpro series LB's. The Goldpro has an "Easy Stride" drive system that looks very much like Toro's personal pace drive system. The Silverpro has a "Varible" drive system that I think is the same system as the personal pace, except that one uses a lever to control the ground speed.

    Here are my questions:

    1. How are these Toro Personal Pace/LB Easystride drive systems holding-up? Anyone using them, either the Toro or LB? What are your opinions of them.

    2. Anyone using the Silverpro LB's? How do you like the "Variable" drive system? Do you find yourself having to hold the drive lever about halfway up constantly (and is this uncomfortable) all day long to maintain a useable speed? How does this variable compare to the PP/ES systems? What is your preference. Any opinions would be appreciated on this.

    3. I notice that there is a brace that runs under the deck of both GP & SP mowers at the discharge chute. It looks like a brace/deflector. It also looks like something that would catch grass and clog the chute. Anyone removed this brace?

    4. What is your opinion/preference between the steel deck and aluminum decks?

    I appreciate all responses. I'd like to hit a homerun with this purchase, so your input is greatly appreciated.

  2. leeave96

    leeave96 LawnSite Member
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    One other quick question with respect to your LB's, does the front wheel configuration with the staggered wheel cause the mower to have a tendency to steer to one side or the other? If so, has this been a problem?

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    I have a toro pp mower that I have used on hundreds of 10,000 square foot lawns and still use for trim today , works great for 6 years old.

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