Toro vs. X-Mark ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ElephantNest, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. ElephantNest

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    Since Toro bought out X-Mark, I was wondering which was the better machine, and why they still make both. I'm interested in a 36" W/B, hydro, and see a few hundred dollar price difference between the two. Both 36", hydro, floating deck, 15HP Kohler Command, etc. Can anyone tell me which holds up better, cuts better, etc.? Or should this be brought up in the X-Mark forum?

  2. Green Pastures

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    The frames and engines are the same, I think X-Mark has a better deck design, just my opinion.

    HOWARD JONES LawnSite Member
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    I'm not sure about the walk-behinds, but in the "zero-turn" machines, the difference is in deck design - eXmark is more of a mulching design, Toro's "superflow" pretty much cuts it and gets it out, larger clippings but is supposed to be better for wet cutting. Also make the dealer show you the difference in spindles - the last I checked, eXmark used non-greasable, ball bearing, aluminum spindles and Toro used greasable, tapered roller bearing, cast iron - not to say either is bad, but you may have a definite preference.
  4. John Gamba

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    Can You See the Difference Now!

  5. awm

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    i just as soon take my lazer to albemarle lawn products,a toro dealer,
    as the exmark dealer . like they said the ztrs are the same except for deck. both good machines.
  6. Auroris

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    Just bought a new eXmark TTHP :D and there are several reasons I chose it over the Toro hydro.

    First is deck design. The eXmark decks are heavy, welded decks with a deeper design. Toros (the ones I looked at between several dealers) had a stamped-like deck that was not nearly as heavy. The eXmark trim side of the deck looks like it is made to last for decades, where the Toro made me afraid to bump into something. The eXmark decks are also the easiest to maintain and change height from what I could tell.

    Second; ECS. I loved the eXmark ECS immediately upon demoing the unit. It's intuitive, comfortable, and ergonomically designed to avoid wrist and forearm troubles. I've had tendonitis for a while now and having my hands "in line" constantly like on the Toro T-Bar (and most 21" mowers) really gets to my wrists. The T-Bar did not seem as comfortable to me, nor as intuitive. Some guys love it, though.

    Those are the biggies, then there are details like product support, other components on the machines, etc. I am not anti-Toro, but am surely very PRO-eXmark.

    Would love to get ahold of one of those eXmark banners John G. had down in the Caymans (if I'm correct in where that famous pic of him was taken).
  7. Scag48

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    Exmark has welded decks, deeper as well, better for mulching. I looked at a 36" Toro hydro last year before buying my TTHP 36" and the deck is like 2 inches deep, not deep enough for adequate mulching IMO. I didn't like the T-bar either, too "jumpy" for my tastes, but I only ran the machine for like 15 minutes, I probably would have gotten used to it given more time. BTW, Auroris, did you go with the local dealer? How do you like "the beast" ? Have fun!
  8. Auroris

    Auroris LawnSite Member
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    Yup, went with the one close here. It sits in a crate in the shop at the dealer tonight, and the shop guys are putting it together for me in the morning. Have a ProSlide on the way, too. My home lawn better watch out tomorrow afternoon!

    Cheers! :drinkup:
  9. John Gamba

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    You are Corect! The Only Thing Is My girl friend said We Needed the room On the way Back For things We Bought HAD TO LEAVE IT.
    But if You ask fred At exmark He will send One Out to You If They Have any. (Tell Him i sent You)
    Johnny G.

    smaller 664.jpg
  10. Doc Pete

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    Yes, you didn't shovel the walkway:D

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