Toro Walk Behind...blowing fuses

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by zortmo, May 19, 2006.

  1. zortmo

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    Model 30116 is blowing blade engagement fuses. I've replaced ignition switch, engagement switch, and checked for good connections. Clutch coil ohms out at 1.9 ohms. It blows fuses after clutch engages, sometimes quickly, sometimes after cutting for a few minutes. Is my clutch bad? Can I jumper wire the clutch and run blades full time for a short term solution?
  2. Restrorob

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    Sounds like you may need to check the clutch air gap, If it's too wide it will cause the clutch to draw too many amps and could cause the fuse blowing you have. You will see three nuts with springs under them, Along side of each nut will be a slot in the clutch housing Insert a 0.012" feeler gage in the slot and it should fit snug, If not tighten the nut until it does. But only turn the nut a little at a time rotating around the clutch at all three slots, Because as you tighten one it will throw the others out.
    I wouldn't recommend jumping the clutch for if it is bad it could cause damage to your charging system and or battery.
  3. khouse

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    if your not melting your jumper wire then it may be the power wire to the clutch. make sure it's not rubbing on anything.
  4. zortmo

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    Thanks much for the repoy Restrorob, I checked and adjusted the gap on the clutch. It was about .045 to begin with...I set it to .012 and it still blew the fuse in about 3 seconds after engaging. Is there any other means of being sure it's the clutch. I'm told by my local dealer that it's a $300 item and not easy to change. If the clutch is bad is it as difficult as the dealer is making it sound? It looks pretty accessable. Is there an online parts supplier with a better price?

    Thanks khouse, I was afraid to use the jumper wire as Restrorob says I may do more harm than good. I have checked for a rubbing wire and all looks good. I did notice there is more resistance when spinning the blades by hand than I remembered. I removed the belt just to make sure the blade spindles were free, which they are. The resistance seems to be in the clutch itself.

    thanks again for the help
  5. Restrorob

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    You can un-plug the clutch then turn the switch on to verify there isn't a problem with the unit wire harness if the fuse doesn't blow. Take your multimeter and put it on ohms and put one lead to one clutch wire in the plug and the other to the clutch body, It should read open if not the winding inside is burnt up and shorted. Do the same with the other clutch wire, This will test both wires should the winding be broken in the middle.
    Most all clutches have a brake built into them to stop the blades from free spinning when disengaged so that may be why it's a little hard to turn the blades by hand.

    I found this but you want to call and verify it is the right one before ordering, It states fits all Toro walk behinds; 1&source=PS&K=01TOCLWALK&comp=JTH

    Oh, They are not hard to change at all unless they are rusted or corroded to the crankshaft, Spray with penitrating oil for a couple days while one is on order and it should be no problem.
  6. zortmo

    zortmo LawnSite Member
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    thanks Restrorob,
    It does not appear to be the clutch. I ohmed both wires to the housing and they were open. I fooled around with wiring, rerouting a couple of wires and it stopped blowing fuses. I don't see any signs of a rubbed through wire but my eyesight isn't what it used to be. We will see if it will make it through the day.
  7. viper00085

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    well keep an eye on it, it still seems like the clutch to me. If your resistance is only 1.9 ohms, its way below spec. for any warner or orgura clutch the proper spec is 2.5 to 3.6 ohms. if its that low truly, you will blow another fuse after running for a while as the heat builds up in the system.

    good luck
  8. zortmo

    zortmo LawnSite Member
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    Viper.....yep, it finally went bad today. It's now showing being shorted to ground on one of the wires. I will be ordering a new one in the morning. Thanks all for your help. Intermittant electrical problems make me crazy.

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