Toro walk-hehind electrical prob.


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Hi folks, I hope I am at the right forum. This is my first post and I am really impressed with the ones I have been reading here. I just found this site a couple days ago. Was a link from someone over at the Ford-Diesel site.
Now, to my problem: One of the first mowers that I purhcased about 10 years ago is a Toro walk-behind. It is a 36" with a Kohler command 14 and has the "T-Bar" steering. This is probably one of my favorite mowers and has always done a great job cutting. I only have a few hundred hours on this machine as I started using larger mowers a few years ago. I only use it for one or two yards a week. About a year ago it started getting hard to start. Seems to be an electrical problem. I can unplug the connector near the engine and it starts immediately. Then after letting it run for a minute or two I can then plug the connector back together. This mower does not have the operator presence control and the system contains a safety relay (solid state relay) with about 4 or 6 connectors on it. I know this is supposed to be part of the safety system that will not allow starting with the blade engaged, etc. but nobody seems to be able to explain it. I did replace this relay and the key switch as a start to repair it. Of course the dealer won't help me do anything to get around this relay for safety reasons? Does anyone else have a mower like this? I don't currently have a correct wiring diagram and would appreciate a copy of that. The only thing the dealer had was one with a presence switch and a different engine. Sorry for the long post and would appreciate any answers. Cleve....

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I have a 44" Toro that is 10 years old and it has the same problem. There is a module that the dealer has replaced about three times and each time it will work for a month or so and then craps out again so finally I just gave up. The dealer knows there is a problem but they just can't give me a definite answer with what is wrong.