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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bw, Feb 1, 2000.

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    i was on toro's site and didn't see any info on them, i know i've seen them on trailers before, unless my eyes deceived me. if infact they do make them, are they any good? i'm lookin at something between 15 and 20 horse, hydro, 36" or 42" cut. if a machine with those options are even built. thanks for help in advane
  2. Evan528

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    yes they do exists!i have not ever personally used one but have talk to many satified owners. In my apinion toro has one of the nicest cuts on the market do to there super flow system. the one thing distinckly diffrent about toro walk behind s is that they dont have pistal grip handles...some poeple love that feature some dont. all in all i wouldnt definitly check one out.
  3. Retro67

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    I have a 36" hydro with T bar steering. It has the 15 horse engine and a sulky. It has 10 hours on it. I don't care for the T bar steering, but every other Toro owner I know swears by them. It's just a personal preference. It mows beautifully. It wouldn't take much to convince me to sell it.<p>John
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    They're good machines. I had breakfast yesterday with a guy who was on their walk-behind design team in 1984. The machines came out in 1985.<p>The T-Bar was great with belt-drive. With hydro is isn't quite as nice. The T-Bar is great when walking, when using a rider, it isn't quite as nice either.<p>They're lightweight, cheap and cut very nice when wet. Their decks don't mulch especially well.

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    bw Check this site out. It tells the deck size and engine sizes .<p>I'm going to buy a 36&quot; in the next week or so. I tried one out back in the fall and liked it. The T-bar was qiuck and easy to get the hang of.<br>
  6. dballard,<p>A hydro with a 36&quot; deck is overkill.<p>The only reason to buy a small deck is to<br>fit thru a 36&quot; gate. I am not sure a 36&quot;<br>even will fit thru a 36&quot; gate.<p>I guess the cost of a new hdro with a 36&quot;<br>deck to be $4200+tax+cost of a loan.<p>Ed has just posted at<br>two 1999 model gear drives one 52&quot; deck<br>and one 44&quot; deck both with sulkys and<br>less than 100 hours use for around $2.6k<br>located in your region of the country.<p>There is also a 32&quot; toro for sale at<br>traderonline in South floria for $800.<p>So IHMO you can buy 2 machines for $3400<br>and have $1k plus left over to enjoy a nice<br>winter vacation in South Fla.
  7. Retro67

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    Great idea to buy used. I can buy a brand new Toro 48&quot; gear drive w/ 14 hp Kawi for $2299.99. I don't think I'll be shopping anywhere that sells used for more than new, though.&lt;p&gt;John
  8. Retro your ignorance is showing again.<p>The machine you refer to is a basically<br>an Exmark (fixed deck, manual deck engagement<br>no alternator) with toro t-bar steering.<p>This machine is marketed to fleet operators <br>much like myself. Toro offers this &quot;price<br>leader&quot; to compete with the other units<br>like lesco, scag etc.<p>The 44' and 52&quot; mowers are TRUE Toro WB<br>with floating stamped steel decks, electric<br>clutch, and the engines are alternator equiped.<p>Since you 'claim' to own a Toro hydro<br>you should know these FACTS.
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    NO MORE PERSONAL ATTACKS!! One more and your gonna get banned.<p>Please Retro.. Do not sink to his level!!
  10. jjb51

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    Lawrence,<p>Bought a 36&quot; Toro Hydro, for exactly the reason you mentioned, to get through gates. Yes, Lawrence they do indeed fit through a 36&quot; gate. At least I have not found one they don't fit through.<p>And if your dealer was to charge you $4200.00 + tax, it would probably include a kiss! I bought one last year $3727.50 out the door tax and all. No kiss - no lubricant needed!<br>

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