Toro Warranty and Service "Not good"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by louviljlj, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. louviljlj

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    I bought a new Toro Proline 48" Walkbehind. Mowed about 2 hours with it but was concerned becuase of vibration. Found all three spindles appear to be bent where the pully is attached on top. When you spin the pulleys you see a very extreme wobble of the top spindle. I noticed when I looked under mower that the grease was coming out of the middle spindle bottom bearing and it was grinding when I would spin it. Brought it to Toro Service Center for warranty repair but they would only replace the bearing not the spindle because they were saying it is normal for it to wobble. Anyone know how much wobble is acceptable and is this normal. I had a hard time understanding why they would take the spindle apart to put new bearing but not replace the shaft which must be bent. The one the bearings went out on was the worse wobble of all three. The service center told me not to bring it back to them and seek service elsewhere because I questioned why they wouldn't replace the bent spindle and called them incompetent.
  2. TWUllc

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    Take that back to wherever you bought it from. Only 2 hours on the machine?
  3. sildoc

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    I have had no problem with service or waranty work from toro. I do admit there is a difference in dealers. I would contact toro directly and light a fire up there ass to get it fixed. 2 hours would put a sour taste in my mouth as well.
  4. 6'7 330

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    This is why when choosing a mower, or any equipment one must think about the after buy dealer relationship. We switched over to Toro in 05, nothing but great service. That is the reason we switched to Toro and did not go elsewhere to stay with Exmark,our dealer takes care of us.As others said, get in touch with Toro, get a fire lit under the dealers ass.
  5. Tharrell

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    I don't want you to get the wrong idea because I'm going to say something you may not like to hear. No matter what, don't call someone incompetent or threaten them with words. You never get what you want and it makes everything worse as you can see. You may feel like they are incompetent and they may be incompetent but, you lose an avenue of recourse when you burn a bridge like that.
    You could very well be in the right but, your attitude and actions have overshadowed that now.
  6. Budget

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    In a nice way i would ask them to show me another unit of the same model do the same thing. If you still get wall ask the guy for his full name so you can make a complaint. I have worked my whole life in the service industry and always trying to make the customer happy, that part of the job if you don't like it, go find a job that you do. As a facilities supervisor you have lay down the law and i have used that line many times. A few walked but in my book they couldn't hack it anyways...
  7. viper00085

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    most all spindle pulleys on all units look bent/wobbling when spun. its kind of normal, its just that these are not machined pulleys so they all look weird when spun. But the vibration was a def give away along with noise that something was up with a spindle. The way we check them, is to remove the belt and then spin each one with a big drill motor i made for this purpose that i can put diff sockets on, I can spin em up pretty fast and here what noises they are making. The shop was right in just repl brgs if the shaft and housing were not damaged. Got to remember, we dont wty anything, toro does, so we try to do what they tell us to. the dealer merely represents them, so ifthey put a $200 spindle assy on there and toro rejected the claim, that dealer is out some big money. Just like your business, we dont operate and do services to loose money and go out of business.

    being a serv manager for several dealerships, i have seen some people come in with great attitudes even when they were in big trouble with down units under wty and those are the people we love to help (I love being a hero!!). I always tell everything come in , be nice, we know your hurting and in trouble, and we will work with you. the ones that come in and chew us out for a unit we did not make always hit my sore spot and dealerships remember this. oh and all dealers are not the best people in the world, i have worked for some wierd ones and yes then its time to try some where new!! :)
  8. louviljlj

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    I didn't state all the facts. I contacted toro about the problem and they told me to bring to the service center. I dropped off and told them what was wrong and tried to show them what was wrong and they said I didn't need to they would take care of it. A week later they called and said nothing was wrong with the mower and I could come pick it up. I said thats not right the bottom bearing shield had failed and the bearings were grinding and they need to check it out again. The guy explained to me saying it was normal because it has a zerk fitting for greasing. It has no grease fitting they are sealed so he needs to look at it himself and not depend on service tech to say its ok. The wobbly spindle just seems odd to me when you spin it by hand it is off about a 1/4" from center I just can't believe that is acceptable. He said they would replace all three spindles since it is brand new. He called a week later and said it was ready, but when I got there he said Toro told them to only replace the bearings. When I talked to toro they said the dealer told them they were fine so thier is some confusion going on here. I am just using common sense here but I would have replaced the spindle when a customer has only used the mower for a day and the bearings go out and it is wobbly. I went to another dealer and he said the shaft is bent but he is backed up for two weeks so I just took it home till Toro tells me what to do.I live 50 miles away so it is not easy for me to be driving this thing around but I need to figure out what is going on before I waste my time again. I can mow with the mower but I am not satisfied with the quality of spindle so if this is normal I wouldn't have bought it.
  9. louviljlj

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    This is what I see when I look at the spindle from the top I see the pulley and protruding from it the spindle screw with a nut on it. When I take the belt off and spin it the spindle top part screw is wobbling about a 1/4" off center looks really bad. The pulley is wobbly but that screw part extending from it and doing what it is doing just seems wrong. The spindle should be machined right? I can understand the pulley being not perfect but the shaft should be doing what it is doing right? If I am wrong and this is ok then please let me know. The vibration is still and issue even with the new bearings I have getting a really high bass pitch noise, even with headphones on it still hurts my ears "is this normal?"
  10. Tharrell

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    I'm going to assume that your spindle is similar to my Bob-Cat. When you take your blades off, the whole bolt comes off, right? Could the bolt itself be bent? My bolt slides up from the bottom and the nut goes on top.

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