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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Adam's Lawn and Garden, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Adam's Lawn and Garden

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    I was going to buy an exmakr rider but decided to get a wb instead. i was looking at the 19 hp 52" turf tracer hp. Today though i tried a Toro Fixed deck Gear drive turbo force with 15 hp and 48". It was nice, i was thinking about getting the floating but they're not turbo force. What should i get? are Toro's good?


  2. MTR

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    The productivity of 48/15 gear walk is a joke compared to a Z. WB is not suitable for use as primary mower, the Z kill all.
  3. sildoc

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    While this is true for wide open mowing the walk has its place. You can fit a walk where you cant fit a Z. A walk will take a steeper angle as opposed to the Z. A walk will fit under low hanging branches with out knocking you off.
    Now like I say a Z will out run a walk and cut more acreage in wide open mowing but they all have their places.
    Now I would have a hydro in a walk period. No belt period.
  4. TheLawnBarber

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    Please get the Turf Tracer. I've purchaed a Metro 36 with Ecs its the shi*. Ecs has to be the most inovative control system on the market.
  5. nobagger

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    Why is a w/b not a suitable mower for a primary machine?
    We only have w/b's, But yeah Z's crush a w/b in productivity in the right area! We mow 2 upscale homes right next to each other and down 3 houses there is a company that uses a Z turn and believe or not we beat them using a w/b on each of the lawns while their farting around with trying to maneuver this 60 Lazer around tight turns and trees etc. So w/b's have their place.
  6. topsites

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    <- pwner snip ->
  7. LawnTamer

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    Get the T-bar, you'll love it, With a T-bar you get hydro productivity with a belt price and low maintenance costs. As for which size, I guess that depends on your lawns.
  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    Oh boy here we go again on the WB VS ZTR debate.

    Sure the WB can be used every where but no matter the situation other than a steep slope a ZTR will win. It all comes down to the operator of the ZTR. We use to have nothing but WB's and our lawns are any where from 5K to 2 acres. Most of them are around 14-18K in size which is just an average size lawn. As soon as we got ZTR's our productivity went up and operator fatigue went down. We now own only 1 WB and it only gets used on 1 lawn and thats only because they request we use the WB. So out of 70 reidentials we use the WB on 1 lawn and we CAME from nothing but WB's. Check my sig for my equipment.
  9. MTR

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    You just seen LCO who has not enough experience on a Z...there is no match between the two. period. In this life time, I wasted almost 4 years toiling with eXmark both gear & hydro walk, well it established my biz but my Z is the one who push my bank and volume without getting beaten up by wb.
    99% of LCO in my area need Z to make real money. WB is only only for hill and wet area. We save so much time running Z that we can use those extra time available to do extra things for accounts and that pay off.
    Sure, you like your walk but I take Z any time, I still run my TTHP on 3 accounts that have hill as their backyards, and that all it is.
  10. TriCountyLawn

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    Far as the WB vs. Z-turn debate, A wb is good on hills and can fit places a z-turn cant.

    I would get a Toro over an Exmark cause of the T-bar controls are far better then the ECS controls.

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