Toro winterization trouble

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by shayne4sales, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Modern cheapo boiler drains and hose bibs will do that when they get old enough, and the brass washer screw breaks.

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    I was going to suggest replacing the boiler drain but backed off because you guys are top dogs. snicker snicker
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    Nibco Classic boiler drains don't have this problem :)
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    Ittitation just for clarification, I had tried TC#2, boiler drain, and the 1/2" drain plug. On the 1st attempt I only had an 3/8" air hose adaptor with me that was fitted to a 1/2" drain plug which reduces the air volume substantially. I had accidentilly left my 1/2" standard adaptor back at the shop. The 3/8" air hose adaptor usually would do the job just fine in a case like this however the Toro PVB combined with me not wanting to exceed 50psi I could not get the PVB to seat the 1st time I was out at the homeowners site. Had the same problem with TC#2 not being able to get enough volume the the PVB to get it to seat.
    Cranking the pressure to 100psi along with my normal 1/2" drain plug adaptor did the trick. By the way I run 5/8" garden hose from the compressor. Way better than lugging 3/4" compressor hose. I still get volume to do 3-4zones at a time easy.

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