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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GLC, Mar 22, 2000.

  1. GLC

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    I am thinking of buying a Toro Z-100 with the 17hp Kaw and a 44&quot; cut deck. How do these machines run, cut, and so forth? Let me know what u think of these mowers and the Toro company. Are they good on parts and other stuff? Just give me your opinion.<br>Thanks all of you!!!!<p>GLC
  2. You would be better served to buy a Toro/eXmark 48&quot; walk behind hybred and add a stand on <br>sulky for $2500 brand new.<p>If you are going to spend $5K plus for a<br>mower I sould buy at least a 62&quot; mowing deck.
  3. osc

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    I am a little leary of the kaw 17's. I bought 2 in 99 and both blew up and luckily were covered under warranty. Bad thing is parts don't seemed to be stocked anywhere on the globe. They blew in June and I am just now getting them back. That was a kick in scrotum!
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    i have a toro 255 z master with a 25hp kohlor engine and a 62inch deck...cut incredible and rides very pleased with it. i would definitly get more hp for the 44inch rider. 17hp is more than enough for a 44inch walk behind but for a rider that will be hauling you around and cutting grass the more hp the better. also if your gonna get a ztr you should get a 62. the whole point of a ztr is productividy, if all you need is a 44inch cut you might as well saves many thousands and get a walkbehind.
  5. snake1040

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    I just bought that exact mower I would go for it I wouldn't buy a walk behind they are to hard to manuver the time you will save will pay for it I just mow after school and used to mow about three yards in a night today I cut five taking my time. I love the mower the cut is as smooth as a babies butt and the ride is incrediable. I had a lot of customers that I had to use my 21&quot; mower on now if I don't use it they ask me why I am not using it. It sure is different than my 36&quot; gravely. Wont buy another one'

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