Toro Z-500 / Gatorrator aerator package

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    I am the owner operator of a small lawn maintenance company and am in the process of downsizing and possibly getting out of the business all together.

    Currently I am selling my zero turn 52" Toro Toro Z-500, 27 hp Kohler on it (225hrs), adjustable baffle turboforce deck, optional mulch kit, ROPS, suspension seat and a big league lawns striping roller. The package also includes 6 sets of blades Gator blades, high lifts, regular and mulching blades. I also have one set of Meg-mos on it used during leaf season last year. In addition to the above
    I will also include a Gator-Rator aerator ( $2200.00 new) that attaches to the front of the machine (similar to a JRCO but way better). The Gator-rator has an electric screw jack that works off of the mowers electrical system to raise and lower the aerator off the ground in seconds. Great money maker that could pay for itself in a single aeration season. All service was done on the mower has never had mechanical problems or repairs done to it. Will deliver up to 60 miles for $1.00per mile if needed. I live 1/2 hour west of Chicago in Bartlett IL, 60103

    Toro Z-500, mulch kit, blades, seat, striping roller for $6000.
    Gator-Rator $1250.00 if sold separately from mower or $1000.00 if sold along with mower package.

    Total package (two years old) $7000.00 NO TAX!!!

    For pictures or questions, call my cell at 630-841-2988 (Dave)

    Toro Gator-rator-1 Pics 004.jpg
  2. LawnSharks

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    Nice outfit. If you weren't so far away, I'd buy immediately. Good luck, you should have no problem moving this unit.
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    hey, i was wondering what year the machine is? I'm assuming the warranty is up on it to? thanks

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    Bought it in spring of 2005 thus the low hours on it. I am not sure what the warranty is since I havn't nee I am a small part time operator that only has 10 accounts. The reason I am selling it is because I don't need a rider for that few accounts.

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