Toro Z 52" 19 HP

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Mowingandmore, Mar 2, 2007.

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    2003 Toro Z master Z149 52" Super flow system deck, 19HP Kawasaki 2 cylinder, Rear bagger less than 900hrs. ready to make you money or save you tons of time on you own lawn. This mower was operated by me personally and very well cared for just serviced and required 2 new hydraulic pumps and wheel motors which cost me over $2300. this mower new cost me almost $9000 with bagger and extra blades. You get it all for $6200obo the new pumps have less than 50hrs on them (have receipts)
    724-518-0767 MUST GO FAST MAKE OFFERS
    see pics here
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  3. smokey

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    New pumps at only 900 hours?
  4. Mowingandmore

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    Yes , i was as surprised a you are , it was acting up going slow up hills and stuff but would mow fine on level , i took it in to the dealer and they put a load on it and it just blew one pump apart. That was the only bad one but since there were metal shavings inside the lines we just replaced every thing to be sure the system was totally clean and didnt blow out a new pump. If your interested ill throw in an extra pump and wheel motor !
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    i know this is an older post but is the machine still available?
  6. Mowingandmore

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    YES it is a I have it and a exmark z 60" 1000 hrs 27hp with rebuilt motor and hydraulicas under warentee

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