Toro Z-Master 355


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southern ontario
Last Friday we demoed the Z-Master 355 from the dealer we bought our Z-150 from. What a difference! Our 150 is about a hundred times better than the 355. That mower sucks. Two main reasons why...poor controls and poor quality of cut.

The mower ran like a machine suffering an epileptic seizure. I felt like I had to re-learn how to walk after getting off that thing. Virtually impossible to track a straight line - and tire scuffing? Spins dirt circles every time you try to reverse direction. The number one problem was that it cut like $hit at 2 1/2". The cut was fine at 2", but that doesn't help when our lawns are all at 2 1/2" right now. Can't imagine how brutal it would look cutting at 3". It was as if it didn't have enough lift to cleanly cut the grass at any height above 2". It also adjusted in half-inch increments whereas our 150 will go up in quarters.

Loudest mower I've ever heard. Only good thing was that the "densepak" bagger really did fill all the way up before signalling that the hopper was full. Problem was it filled up so damn fast having to cut at 2" every house.

No thanks. We're looking to re-try the Walker again, and demo a Skag Cougar. We're wary of the Skag though since we heard bad things about the Turfrunner and hope the Cougar isn't simply the same machine under a new name.


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Thanks for the demonstrator report.

It's been posted before, Z-Master 100&200: Thumbs Up
Z-Master 300: Thumbs DOWN.

Look beyond the label: Z1&200 are Exmark designed. Z300 is the old Wheel Horse design.

It's misleading to have all the mowers called "Z-Master".

I would be wise of manufacturers to initiate monitoring of this website and other feedback methods and scrap their dead wood.