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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, Feb 14, 2002.


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    Do any of you out there run a 44" Zmaster, if so, I'd like your opinions. I'm looking into getting one for this season. I know this is a small Z, but it will fit my storage and transportation needs and be a lot faster than my 44 or 48 WB - plus I'll be sitting on those 90 degree days.
  2. Guardian

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    Are you thinking new or used?

    I have had exp. with both Toro 44 z master and eXmark lazerZ 44.

    I liked both, they felt close to the same. THe deck quality is better on the eXmark, but Toro's deck will still be around for a while. This really only matters when you mow poor quality terrain.

    I like the 44 size. MOst guys on this sight push for BIG stuff. The 44 will be great for a new business.

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