TORO Z master vs. Hustler Z Vs Exmark

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by vahaus, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. vahaus

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    from Ohio
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    Have 5 acres with a fair number of trees etc. Ohio Flat lands. Back 3 acres mostly open with fence around perimeter. Currently looking to cut my time on my current mower, looking at
    Toro 253 62 inch deck with 23 hp
    Hustler 60 in deck
    and Exmark

    I have seen and sat on the Toro and Hustler, straight out of the box the Toro fits me better 6ft 5in tall and first mower I can sit on and push controls forward without hitting my knees.

    I read about all of the above going to look at a Exmark tommorrow, Early lead to Toro and Hustler due to how close dealers are located.

    Looking for comments on these mowers pros and cons.
    Am I crazy at looking at these Cadilac models for homeowner use??:confused:

    Concerned about long term maintenance cost. Would I be better off getting a tow behind mower (Swisher) for my current mower to cut more width?

    Have the money but just wondering if my time is this valuable, and if I would be better off getting something not as big and expensive.
    Briefly looked at JD, and Grasshopper not all that impressed with either.

  2. DieselDeere

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    If you want the best go with eXmark!:D
  3. lahanko

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    What are you mowing with now?
  4. Green Pastures

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    If you get the Toro, I would get the bigger engine. My professional opinion is that 23 hp is not enough for a 62" deck.

    I have a 52" deck Toro with a 25 hp engine and that is nice, I'm looking at getting the 62" deck this month but I'm getting the 26 hp electronic fuel injected Kohler motor. That motor is a beast, tons of power.

    Do not be duped into buying an underpowered mower to save a few dollars. The mower will last you 15 years. Do you want an underpowered mower around for that long?

    I'd go 62"-72" deck with AT LEAST a 25 hp engine.

    Toro or Exmark same thing. They are made on the same assembly line in the same factory.

    Exmark has the edge if you plan on mulching, if you side discharge Toro has the edge.

    Find a dealer that will bring the mowers to your property and let you try them out BEFORE you buy. If the dealer won't let you demo, find another dealer. It's common in this industry to try ZTR's before you buy.

    God bless.
  5. mowerconsultant

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    Was the Hustler adjusted for you ? there are 2 positions the levers can be bolted in, and then they adjust fore and aft also.

    Compare features side by side if you can, the Hustler will come out ahead of the competition.
    Look at how the units are built also, the Hustler has a heavier deck and frame than anything else out there.
    Next, drive them, the Hustler is much smoother than anything out there.
    What dealer are you looking at the Hustler at ? I am the regional manager for Ohio.
    Feel free to e-mail me @
    Hope this helps

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