Toro Z spindle bearing replacement

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CK82, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. CK82

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    I have a few questions for the experienced mechanics. I just replaced the outer spindle bearing in my 60" toro. After a few hours of use things loosened up again. Wondering what may be wrong? Heres how the install went, Starting from top to bottom.

    Seal, spacer, a snap clip of some sort (to hold the bearing in), bearing/race, center spacer, small clip, bearing/race (bottom), spacer, seal.

    The larger snap clip was installed on the upper bearing, the small clip which looks like it would snap into place but doesnt, was installed on the lower between the large middle spacer and the bearing/race. It looks like the small snap clip helps keep the middle spacer from moving around?

    I think I have the clips upside down or something as things have loosened up already.

    Please give me some insight.
  2. pugs

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    Model numbers would be helpful to start with. You may need a whole spindle assembly and not just the bearings.
  3. CK82

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    74246-240000001 2005 Z557 60" deck. The housing and all is not necessary. Thats why they make a bearing "ASM". Anyway, I replaced the bearing assembly and it worked for a short time, then things loosened up. Makes me think one of the snap clips or spacers are in wrong?
  4. TLS

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    Bent spindle shaft?
  5. pugs

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    Well if the housing is worn and wont allow things to fit together tightly then you would need the whole thing. But you are the expert now so I will let you figure it out.
  6. TLS

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    I don't know how much complete spindle assembly's are for Toro's, but for a Hustler, they're right around $100

    Cheap enough to not want to mess with throwing parts, and most importantly labor (mine or others) at it.
  7. CK82

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    So the bearing/spindle assembly is $351.00.

    Anyone have some additional input that could help besides buying a new spindle asm?

    Thank you, Chris
  8. TLS

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    Dont know if this helps.

    Toro has a pretty nice parts lookup page with pictures.

  9. BigFish

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    They can be tricky to set up. You have to get the cups/races seated properly.
    Everything locates off of the large snap ring in the housing, you shouldn't have to remove or mess with it at all.
    The trick is getting the endplay/ preload just right, too tight and they gall up,too loose and they just keep getting more loose and hammer the bearings.
    The little C-clip you refer to is actually a spacer to set the endplay on a matched set of brngs and spacers, position doesn't matter.
    If you get the matched set from Toro #108-7711 (5:2) you should be good to go. But you should still check it for play. You have to check the play with dry bearings so any shake is not dampened by the grease.
    After you get em set up, you have to hand pack em with grease, just like wheel bearings. Then finish the assembly.
    I usually just buy the individual brngs from my power trans. store and set em up myself.
    Also, the lower seal gets installed backwards with the lip facing out, to help relieve any excess grease pressure.

    Cup> L44610
    Cone> L44643
    Seal> SKF 14858
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  10. CK82

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    Thank you for the knowledge! I pulled one of the other spindle assemblies to look at it, I felt inside the asm to get an idea of how things went together as well as I followed the parts diagram as listed below. I've had them loosen up on me twice now, so today I took things apart and saw. the spindle itself had some wear from the upper spacer #6 on the diagram. I put a new spindle on and it seemed to not have play. It felt the same as the other spindles in my opinion. I did not pack them with grease but instead pumped them with the gun. That may be my downfall! I also have the spacer/clip on the bottom of the assembly, it sits in a groove and holds the bearing in place from bottom up. I then torqued down the spindle bolt, seems to spin freely as of now.
    I will pump more grease in them tomorrow or pull them and pack with grease if you recommend it?!

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