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Discussion in 'Toro' started by ToroLandscaper, May 11, 2009.

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    I was wondering if/why Toro has done out with the Z Stands? I have one on a 06 Z-master and LOVE it, and recently purchased an 07 Z-master and it does not have one on it which was really disappointing. Is there anyway I could install a Z Stand on the 60" 2007 Zmaster?
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    ToroLandscaper -

    Glad to hear you love your Toro Z Stand. Yes, you can order a Z Stand accessory kit to fit your MY2007 60" Z Master. The part # is 105-1622. Please check with your Toro Dealer to determine cost and availability. If the Dealer doesn't have it in stock the kit is readily available from Toro and your dealer can order it for you.

    So you know, research with landscape professionals found that the majority of customers would sacrifice the Z Stand as a standard feature in lieu of receiving a lower product cost. The primary justification being that most customers already owned a jack or lift of some kind to perform Z maintenance, and those that value the Z Stand could buy it as an add-on accessory rather than penalizing customers that didn't value this feature. Ultimately that's the reason the Z Stand was removed as a standard feature.

    Thanks - The Toro Company
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    I recently purchased a Toro Z400. I own a 2.5 ton floor jack.......can I use my jack intead of a Z-stand? Where is the correct placement to lift on the deck/mower???

    If I can get by without buying a $300 stand, that would help the bottom line!
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    Can you help with this info Toro Company?
  5. The Toro Company

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    sosaysmorvant -

    Yes, your floor jack should work. Be sure to lift on the front frame, behind the castor fork, not on the deck. We would also suggest that you block the tires to keep the mower secure for your protection. You do not want the floor jack to slip when performing maintenance.

    The Toro Company

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