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Toro Z100 stiping kit- good or bad


LawnSite Senior Member
Springfield, IL
Im thinking of buying the manufactures striping kit for my toro Z100 anybody know if it is good or not?


LawnSite Bronze Member
I copied and pasted a reply I put on a similar thread at the bottom. Hope it helps. My dealer said he will credit me the cost for the Toro kit, and I will be going with a different manufacturer / style. The other thing I would like to mention is that since it was removed I havn't noticed a big change in the quality of the stripes left by my machine (Toro Z-500). I do want to make my stripes more visible though and that is why I am looking for another. Something to remember is that most lawns will stripe better when the finished cut is at 3" or greater. If you cut the lawn too tight the blades of grass will not fold over as easily. The striping is caused by the shadows and reflections of daylight off of the grass.

"My dealer installed Toro striping kit has broken a second time now. The first time it broke it was brand new, and never used. I was in the parking lot after the dealer installed it, with no obstructions that I could tell, just a seam in the asphalt. The second time was after using it for about 10 hours on normal height grass, I noticed that the same adjustment bolts broke again. Both times the kit was adjusted all the way up. It is possible that the dealers mechanic installed it wrong since this was the first one he put on. He claims he followed the directions. I do believe that the adjustment bolts should be thicker maybe 1/2" instead of 3/8". Has anyone had a similar problem? What was your solution?"