Toro Z255 Time Delay Module??? HELP!! Going nuts!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cbegap, May 29, 2012.

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    The mower will not shut down if you stand up with the mower running and the parking brake off.

    Older unit, Toro Z255 Zero turn. Model #74204 (last batch of serial #s). I think it has a bad Time delay module, but that is a little pricey a part to not try and be sure... so I thought I would ask for confirmation of what I think the problem is.

    At first I thought this was a seat switch problem because with the machine on and the brake off, you can stand and machine stays running. I jumped the switch terminal and there is no change either way.

    I checked continuity of the switch and it is good. I know this switch is working because this machine will not crank without sitting in the seat (as designed).

    I went through the operator's manual safety switch procedures and it all checks out (i.e. motion control levers in neutral, in, etc.), except for the machine not shutting off when you come out of the seat, with or without PTO engaged and the brake off.

    If you have the brake on, and pull the handles in to go, the machine will shut down, so the brake switch seems to work along with the handle safeties.

    This machine does not have the relays on it like my Bob-cat, so there wasn't anything to check there.

    I cleaned out the fuse holders and the fuses are good.

    Anyone have any ideas before I buy the time delay module?
  2. cbegap

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    Well in the event this helps someone else in the future I thought I would post a followup.

    Turns out it was the Time delay module. Now the safety system works as designed.

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