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Found a Toro z350, 20 hp kohler, 48&quot; side discharge mower with utility box instead of collection system. Unit has 10 hours and asking price is 5K. (homeowner owned). There is nothing in archives about this machine. Just wondering if it can be converted to a ghs. How does it cut? It's the unit that looks like the Walker. Owner says he is unable to drive it and wants a traditional lawn tractor. Any thoughts ??<br>


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I drove the Toro machine and I didn't like it. Plus for 5k it is not that great of a deal unless it is new. has a 52 in. Toro mid mount for $5800 with a warranty. These mowers are a favorite on this forum and would more than likely perform better.<p>Rick<br>LawnWorks

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If it is the new updated model with the drive shaft going to all 3 blades it will be ok. If it is the older version DO NOT GET IT!!

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