Toro z355??? Anyone know about these.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TC Lawns, Jul 17, 2008.

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    I am shopping around for a good used Exmark or Toro zero turn. I had almost decided on the Exmark Lazer Z when i came across this Toro Z355. I have never seen this mower before and would like to get all of your opinions. I like the fact that it can bag, but I dont know how much I would use it. Am I better off sticking with the Lazer Z or Z master? It looks like it is designed like the walker. I like walkers alot and would like to have one but its either the walker or the z master mid mount style. And I think the lazer z and z master is more practical for me. If I got the Z355, would it just be taking up alot of space on the trailer when I really just need the Lazer Z. Please, any comments, pros/cons, opinions are greatly appreciated.
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    it all depends on what mower you need. if you dont need to bag like what its made for then dont. it is probably designed/built by exmark which has some decent reviews on LS. this question really seems kind of pointless, i think it would be a good mower comperable to an exmark navigator, but if you dont need to bag then dont buy it. its much slower than a midmount, and it takes up way more space on the trailer. trailer space that is much needed. i think it would be a great mower, but not really what you need.

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