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Toro z4200 or Simplicity Axion 20/42

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tnuget, May 17, 2007.

  1. tnuget

    tnuget LawnSite Member
    Messages: 1

    With my limited budget, $2500, I have narrowed my ZTR search down to 2. Both offered by the same dealer. I have under an acre, relatively flat and want to get it done as fast as possible myself. I'm not interested in WBs and used commercials are not readily available and when they are they're still too expensive for me.
    Which one will last longer and be more enjoyable over the long haul? Toro z4200, Kohler 19hp, 42" or Simplicity Axion, B&S 20hp, 42".
  2. dfischer

    dfischer LawnSite Member
    from Il
    Messages: 114

    1) I normally skip these as a little searching would answer most, but it at least appeared that you're telling us you've done some reading.

    2) I'm not following this years models as I've made my decisions, so I can only offer some generic help.

    3) Both brands are quality units, so you've probably got a decent dealer. He might actually have good advice.

    4) So it becomes details between the two units. at this price both are going to be integrated pump/motor combinations, but I'd ask who had the better warranty and which combination was in what unit. I'd lean to the unit with the higher torque rated unit. This as I fear the expense of a failed hydro unit, and don't really expect to lose the engine on either one.

    5) Next I'd look at deck gauge and design. Mulch options, etc..

    6) Engine wise, I suppose I'd take a kohler over a briggs (did I hear they filed chapter xyz?), but then Kohler came out w/a consumer version of their engine I hear nobody really likes. A few searches herein on Kohler will tell you more. Meanwhile I hear here good things about the briggs vanguards... Its really more about "which model of engine" then which brand. Although I'd take a kawi over all of them.. Again, a search on the model of engine will tell you lots.

    7) Does one have any advantages for ride? (wheel height is a biggie), clean-out? Lights?

    8) Have you driven them? some will simply drive better or ride better or fit better, or...

    btw, I hear Lowes is know selling Deere ZTR's. Might be a heck of an option...

    good luck.
  3. wolfsburg57

    wolfsburg57 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 23

    tnuget - I'm located very near Indianapolis and dealing with a similar issue - though trying to stretch my budget higher. If you do some digging, you will see the time cutter series and the ZX version pretty much get thrown under the bus on this forum. Check whether or not the front tires have tubes or not - that pops up in a lot of older complaints aimed at the Z. The axion, and its snapper twin, are new and not really discussed at all here as far as I know. I do like what I've seen aboubt the briggs ELS on the simplicity - sounds like the engine gets decent marks. The briggs line that seems to take the heat is the intek. Kohler usually gets decent marks too - so I don't know if the engine is really a deciding factor. Simplicity has an electric deck lift - to me that sounds like a liability over the long term. Simplicity also has a lower fwd speed. I'm not sure how much stock you put in those quoted forward speeds, but the toro definitely shows ztr type numbers while the simplicity looks more like a lawn tractor. I think there is also a difference in the warranty. I think toro is 3 years limited and the simplicity is 2 years (atleast thats what the snapper is).

    Seems liike a toss up to me - I'd try and test drive. The warranty might be enought to push towards the toro. If you like the simplicity product line, you might consider the regent (heresy on this board) as you can get a 22hp briggs vtwin with 44" deck with a very similar ground speed to the axion. Might be just as fast or faster.

  4. dfischer

    dfischer LawnSite Member
    from Il
    Messages: 114

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