toro z500 20 hp cutting problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bigoak333, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. bigoak333

    bigoak333 LawnSite Member
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    I have recently purchased a toro Z500 54' deck 20hp cooler. I am having major problems with it missing grass. High grass or wet grass forget it. Jobs that took me three hours with a sixteen hp lawn tractor now take six hours to complete and I cannot charge due to the poor appearance of the lawn. Is it underpowered or am I missing other problems?? Have had to dealer four times with no satisfaction. Had the manufacturer involved and they say there is nothing wrong with the machine.
  2. Tonyr

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    I've got a Z588E, 28hp EFI with turbo force deck, perfect cut, no issues at all!

    You are cutting at full revs?

    You are adjusting the baffle to fine tune cut?

    Not going too fast in very long stalky grass?

    If your cut speed is right for the conditions like any mower there shouldn't be problems.

    What blades are you using?

    The more you tell the more we can help, don't lose hope, these decks are the highest standard.
  3. jeffex

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    check deck belts for tightness. they may be loose and slipping in heavy grass
  4. Kenny Snyder

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    I too recently bought a Toro Z500 52" and had some frustration about strays. Assuming all other variables are not the problem (blades, belt, baffle, etc.), you might want to see if it cuts better when the underside of the deck is clean, including that channel up under the nose of the deck. I noticed that mine starts leaving more strays as the gunk builds up under the deck. Obviously it's worse in wet conditions. I'm convinced it has to do with the loss of vacuum that the gunk must be causing. I hope this helps.
  5. bigoak333

    bigoak333 LawnSite Member
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    i changed from high sail to the atomic mulcher.not much dif excep the atomic do not throw the grass so far i have not had much luck changing baffle.maby i need to play with it more? keep deck clean underneath ! just seems to miss alot of grass ?
  6. bigoak333

    bigoak333 LawnSite Member
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    i really am thinking of going with the kubota zg23 or the ferris 27 hp 3000 ? any sugestons should i stay with toro? or choose another ? sooo confused lol.
  7. Tonyr

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    What?? You MUST adjust that baffle to get the best out of the deck, that's the whole idea!!

    Going from one grass type lawn to another could need an adjustment, certainly does if you are cutting short, or long, soft, or stringy grases, didn't your dealer go through this with you?

    This isn't like other decks, it is for those who want the ultimate cut in MOST grasses, unlike the others that do well in some poor in others.

    If you haven't played with that baffle enough to figure out what makes the deck tick you ceratainly shouldn't be here complaining about it's cut, you aren't correctly using the deck, it is your lack of experience with this baffle causing your problems, not the deck.

    Of course mulch blades throw less, that's the idea, but can give cleaner cuts in stringy grass due to the decreased wind velocity. BUT again, you need the adjust the baffle, it is the key to your vacume, key to size of clippings!

    Spend the weekend constantly trying out in different grasses, keep playing with the baffle over and over, you WILL see a huge difference, YOU have to learn to opperate this mower, it ain't the mower's fault you don't understand how important this baffle is to it's workings.
  8. bigoak333

    bigoak333 LawnSite Member
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    well i have been to dealer 4 times with no help . i have spoken to area rep or dist. no help then the dist boss no help .i spoke with toro at main office he called me a spade ??? and said they would not help. i have read more info on here about my mower then toto was able to give me . i am working with the baffles this coming week and se what happens.!i am just burnt out as far as toro the co. is conserend.
  9. Tonyr

    Tonyr LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I know how ya feel mate, they don't offer support for the end user, we are at the mercy of dealers, and many of them are as useless as an ashtray on a motor bike!

    Your area manager is your support after your dealer.

    Throughout this discussion I forgot that you are trying a 54'' deck, I have a 60'' deck, there maybe differences with design, I don't know. can you take some pics of the mower, deck, and underside?

    Toro has got it right with this model range, but their head offices don't care which amazes me because without us there is no them!
    They have forgotten this along the way...
  10. check the rpms on the engine to ....also you sure you aint got a 52?didnt know they had a 54

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