Toro Zero Turn Mower Help!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Whitaker24, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Talked with a dealer he has a toro 48" cut zero turn mowr with 119 hours on it. He sold it to a guy that works for him last year. He showed it to me for $3600 has a 18 HP Kohler, an has the canopy also.

    Mower is semi commercial 7 gauge deck and doesnt appear to be "used up". Seat isnt torn, deck top is barely rubbed off if any. Deck doesnt appear to be dinged up either. Muffler has a lil rust on it. The deck adjustment is the pin type also to the right of the drivers sitting area. Mower also has the arm rests also. Would $3600 be a reasonalbe price? he showed me some new toros that were a lil more an also a lil less than this but all were residental.

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    In my area you can buy a used SCAG Tiger Cub with 125 hours and 19 horse Kawasaki for $4000, used Exmark CT with 222 hours and 18 horse Kohler for $3000, used simplicity Champion with 110 hours and 20 horse Briggs Vanguard for $3600, and I just bought a Ferris IS 1500z with 38 hours and 21 horse Kawasaki for $3800. That price seems a little high for that small of motor. If it's real clean then it might be worth it but the motor is undersized for sure. I would keep on looking, it seems like stuff is popping up daily around here, must be late season jitters. Better deals may be on the horizon, ck ebay and craigslist daily. I had a horrible experience with the Toro Titan Z, bought it brand new in crate and had three major problems in the first week, took it back and bought a lightly used commercial and will not be regretting dumping the Toro andytime soon. Stay away for residential mowers unless you like headaches.


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