Toro ZMaster 100


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I am looking at a toro z100 44" 17hp and wanted to know what you guys thought of it before I bought it or possibly another brand I have overlooked.


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It's basically an Exmark Lazer Z HP w/ a Toro 44" deck. I'm not crazy about the Toro 44. I'd lean towards a 52" if you can use it.


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I looked at this same mower and compared to the Exmark. As you may know, they are basically the same mower with the exception of the deck. It is a good mower, but go with the Exmark instead. It has a much better deck which is deeper and with a thicker walled construction.
Dear &quot;Snake&quot;,<p>Why spend $5500 list for a machine that has such little production?<p>If you go to you will<br>find for sale some used Toros that would not place you in such a<br>cash bind.<p>TORO 48&quot; with 16Hp Kholer with Velke Ryder, $1,650 obo.,Location: Miami, FL<p>LAWN EQUIPMENT, Toro 18HP ZTR hydro 48&quot;, $1600, Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL<p>Who knows what you will find usless you take a look at these units. Pay one the techs at<br>the Toro dealer to go look at the units and<br>get an &quot;honest&quot; opinion.<p>


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Charlotte, NC
Snake, I purchased a Toro 44&quot; ZTR in December, '99. As they say hind sight is 20-20. Well they are correct. I bought the 44&quot; to make sure I could get into the gated lawns I have to mow. This was to avoid buying a walk behind. Wrong. I have several yards that I can not use the ZTR on because of the gate, hills, etc. I wish I had bought the 52&quot; and also bought an inexpensive 36&quot; walk behind for those hard to get areas. <p>Some of these guys have been at this a lot longer than I have. And they usually give pretty sound advice. Someone above suggested the 52&quot; That was a great suggestion. Get the 52&quot; and get a 36&quot; walk behind for hard to get areas.<p><p>----------<br>Jeff<br>