Toro ZMaster 255 ???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mr.Ziffel, Oct 12, 2000.

  1. Mr.Ziffel

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    Well I drove one today and was impressed but won't be able to mow with it until next week or maybe over the weekend. A couple of questions. 1] It has the Kohler Command 25 and has had the head gasket upgrade as per the Kohler service bulletin--would you still buy it? It's a new unit. 2] The Toro 62"SFS deck looks much more substantial than I have been led to believe on some of your posts. Anyone have experience mowing wet rye grass with or without the mulching kit? 3] Anyone have any experience with bagging if necessary with this set up? 4] What would you expect to pay for it? I've spent hours reading the archives [all the way back to January] but would like the latest info. Thanks for your help. It seems like an incredible machine and no, there is no DC dealer within 500 miles. Thanks. Will M.
  2. lbmd1

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    we are on our 3rd Zmaster with the 25 hp Kohler. Our 1998 model blew the gasket which was replaced and then ran an additional 900 hrs on with not a bit of problems. Our 1999 and 2000 models both came with the updated 25 hp engine, spec number #68606, and have run 500 and 130 hrs respectively with not a bit of a problem. We recently paid
    $7100 for the latest one, tax free NH for the 62" deck. We run gator blades year round up north here and it does cut extremely well in wet weather providing you scrape the deck often in wet conditions. If the super flow deck design gets a buildup of wet grass, then it defeats the purpose of the design and effect. I would shy away from the mulching kit and try gators. As for bagging, we bag only one lawn out of 125 weekly accounts by mounting a grasspacker side discharge bagger meant for walk behinds. We chopped up the lawn first with the gators then run over it with the grasspacker. It is really for the customers effect only as 90% of the clippings get sent into the ground prior to bagging it. This one lawn is $75 for only 3500 sq ft so it's worth the effort, otherwise, the gators work excellent with the super flow deck design. Evan will back me on this as well as others. I would never contemplate buying another machine other than these for quite some time.

  3. John DiMartino

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    i have a 2000 DC with the 25hp-I would stay away from it,mine already blew a set at 66 hrs.They do not have any more power than the cheaper,more reliable,more fuel efficient,much quiter,23 kawi.That is why they are selling them cheap,dealer here has a bunch of toro's all with the 25 hp for sale yet,all otheres are sold.
  4. Mr.Ziffel

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    John & Mike, thanks for taking the time. I know it gets old hearing folks ask if they're looking at the right mower, but it is a big purchase and I appreciate your responses. I just got back from visiting one of a group of 4 homeowners who mow their suburban 2-4 acre estates with 3 Toro and 1 Exmark 52" ZTR's about 2 miles from me. Their lawns look great under the same conditions I experience and that gave me a lot of confidence in the machine. Mike, the one fellow occasionally bags with the same exact setup you describe but it looks like it would have to be emptied often. Thanks again.
  5. toddman35

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    you can get the 23hp kohler on the 62" deck, but im not sure bout that one either, cuz the one i run threw a rod at 148 hrs.????
  6. Evan528

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    I tried just about every ztr on the marjet before i bought my z master. The z master is not only built exellent but the quality of cut is amazing even at 9.5 mph! This mower cuts wet grass better than any mower on the market with out a boubt... not clumping at all. But as mike said you have to keep the deck free from alot of build up of wet grass for it to preform at its peek. Hydrolics use mobil one sytehtic oil wich is supposed to never be changed.. the filter only one a season. All in all its a great mower and i strongly recomend you closly check one out.
  7. CommercialCuts

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    I was sold on the toro a few years ago and ive swore by them ever since, till this year and i bought the exmark just to try something different. Before you buy that toro demo a exmark and see what ya think.
  8. Mark

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    I bought a new Z-Master in June and im very impressed with this machine. Im usually a Scag man stil have some but can't say enough about the cut of that Toro, Im thinking about getting the mulcth kit for the leaves, anyone tried this on the toro? If so please let me know. Thanks Marks Mowing Service
  9. toddman35

    toddman35 LawnSite Member
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    the toro atomic mulching blades are the same as gator blades for other brands
  10. AltaLawnCare

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    Mr. Ziffel,

    Its been a year...did you get the 255, if so how do you like it. I've been quoted $6999.00 for an '01 which seems like a deal to me. Its the 62" 255 w/ 25 Kholer with new air filter design.
    Any other opinions are welcomed.


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