Toro ZMaster 52 vs 60 advice for homeowner


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Orlando, FL
I just moved to a new property that's approx 3.5 acres. I've decided to take care of the lawn myself and narrowed it down to a Toro Zmaster 3000 series but can't decide on a 52 or a 60. I live in Florida and the lawn is pretty flat with some slight changes in elevation but nothing i would call a "hill". I don't have any gates yet and, walking the yard, I think I have enough room to use a 60" around the yard with just a few trees here and there I need to navigate around. With that said, I don't know if there would really be any difference between a 52 vs a 60 as I don't plan on using this for more than my yard and if 8.5mph vs 10mph is really worth the uptick in price. Any advice or something I'm not thinking about that would drive me to a 52 or a 60?


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General consensus is that 52's tend to cut better but either way for 3 1/2 acres either will work fine. Where the 52" can get thru and the 60" can't you can use a trimmer to clean up. I'd get the bigger deck. Rated speeds are not mowing speeds conditions dictate cutting speed. My ferris with ZT3400 flat gets and goes but there's no way I can mow at full speed.


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if the yard is at all bumpy, I'd go wide to make up for the limited speed due to the terrain.

and its a cruddy feeling that after spending thousands of $, you realize that for only $400(?) more you'd have been done by now