Toro ZMaster Z350?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by landscaper3, Sep 4, 2000.

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    Hello there my question is on the out front mower Toro Z350 ZRT bagger, You see we have Walker mowers and love them, But Toro has a no down no payments no intrest till April 2001 and with our business and all our fall clean-ups up here in Maine we were thinking of purchasing one. We where wondering if it had the superor bagging as the Walker?


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    From what i've been told and read. i beleive that you can hold more weight with toros dens-pak system. I love my walker and can'tafford a new toy but toro zt350 is always
    on my want list but i will not give up my walker two are better than one .
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    Where are you located in Maine? I'm from Rye, NH but lived in Portland for about 4 years and our family has a summer home up near Damariscotta. Anyway, I demoed the unit you are looking at and plainly, it was very disapointing. I own 2 Toro Z Master 200 Mid series and love them, but would never buy this unit. I'd go with the Walker if you want a tried and tested collection system. The dense pak is the best part of the 350, but you'll be disapointed in the rest. I even called Toro to complain and ask questions about it and they called me back to explain some things. While recently selling my 1998 Z Master in the paper (The Want Ad), I had a guy who was selling his 350 call me and ask me if I was interested in buying his unit. (In my ad I stated I was buying a 2000 Zmaster) After a minute of talking, all he did was complain about his machine that he paid over $9500 for. He said he couldn't even use it when the lawn was even damp from morning dew, and spent more time on the trailer while he used his older walk behind. I demoed mine in the early fall when leaves start to scatter the lawn and it wouldn't even pick up the lightly covered lawn. Toro said the the deck should have been set up different, the front of the deck lower than the back. I could have gotten a great deal too. 8 hours on it for $7300! Hope the info helps.

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    WOW I mean WOOOW only 2 replies on this mower are they that bad?????
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    Too lbmd1 we are located in the Greater Portland area
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    WOW almost 100 views and 4 replies!! Guess nobody uses them or doesnt dare tell??
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    I have a Walker, and I had a Toro Z Master 325. Stay away from the Z Masters. I kept mine in the shop only put 200 hrs on it in 2 years. The quality was so bad I just could not use it. It leaves gouges even at a crawl. The bagger does not even compare to Walker, the mulching kit was a joke too. I lucked out too, but it took me 2 years to find a dealer to take it off my hands, most dealers said they would not touch them. Toro would not even talk to me about a trade. For bagging use Walkers you won't be dissapointed, especially if you get the dethaching rake ( great stripes)

    For mulching I love the Exmark Lazer Z LC 60 ".
    Great machine.
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    The Z100 & Z200 are Exmarks

    The Z300 is Wheelhorse.

    Don't equate the superiority of the Z200 reputation with the Z300 performance.

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